September 2017 Release

September 7, 2017

September 2017 Release


Statement of Legal Residence Improvements

  • Technical and interface updates to improve user experience when submitting or updating Statement of Legal Residence. 

Academic Summary   

  • Degree and Term honors will now be displayed to students via the My Academics > Academic Summary card.

Degree Progress & Committees 

  • My Academics > Degree Progress card displays a graduate student’s current progress toward their degree. This release includes updates to improve clarity and accuracy of information for students, and the University Requirements card will be retired.


Award Entry

New Features

  • “Existing Amount” Column: If a student in your batch has already received an award using an item type, the existing amount will be displayed in the far-left “Existing Award” column.  The presence of a number in this column signals that your award is a modification; remember that in these cases, your new award will replace the existing award in its entirety.  If you intend to award additional funds, you will want to add the additional funds to the existing award amount and put the total as the new award amount. 
  • Complete Chartstring(s) Displayed for item types on both the batch entry screen (in the “Additional Info” column) and in the item type search results.
  • Disbursement Plans and Split Codes can now be specified in the item type section at the top of the batch entry screen.  Selections will be copied to all students, but you can still customize them in the disbursements grid.
  • “Copy Disbursements From”:  This feature replaces the “Replace Disbursements using first row values” link, and enables you to copy the disbursements for multiple item types in a batch.  To copy the disbursements for an item type from one student to all others in the batch, click on the red pencil for the student, enter the disbursements, and click the “Copy Disbursements…” link.  This may be repeated for multiple item types.
Other Changes
  • Smaller number of Charge Priorities: Many unnecessary charge priorities have been removed, leaving only nine available for selection.  Charge priority codes are now displayed on the batch entry screen (instead of long descriptions).
  • Search by Batch Number is now available.
  • A student’s Awards Summary now opens in a new browser tab (just like the student’s Account Summary).
  • Batch Creator’s Name is now displayed on the “Search Awards for Student” page.
  • Copy Award Entry Batch:  The page used to copy batches has been renamed, “Copy Award Entry Batch” instead of “Administer Batch Ext. Awards.”
  • Approver Notification: Batch approvers will receive email notifications when you save a batch, not when you select the approver. 
  • Participant Support account codes may now be used in Award Entry.

APR Improvements

  • Updates to transfer credit detail, reporting, and automated processes to improve usability of Academic Progress Report


Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes to stabilize and improve SIS systems and services usability for students, instructors, and staff.