SIS 7.2 Release Announcement | November 7, 2016

From: Student Information Systems
Date: Mon, Nov. 7, 2016
To: All SIS Users 

SIS 7.2 Release Announcement

November 7, 2016

The Student Information Systems (SIS) 7.2 Release is Now Available

Dear SIS users and campus partners,

The SIS 7.2 Release is now available! Please visit the SIS 7.2 Release webpage for details.

The Student Information Systems (SIS) team is continuing to launch and update functionality as part of the last of seven scheduled project Go-Lives. SIS will continue to roll-out a series of Go-Live 7 functionality releases over the next several months, until all required legacy functionality is transitioned.

As a reminder, as announced on August 29 by UC Berkeley’s Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer, Larry Conrad, we have received approval to create a new SIS department that will support the new system going forward. Current Associate CIO, Angela Blackstone has accepted the request of the SIS Executive Steering Committee (ESC) to lead the new department and will continue to serve as SIS Senior Project Executive for the remainder of the SIS project. Once all Go-Live 7 functionality is completed and released, and the project comes to an end, the new department will move into ongoing operations and will continue to make regular and continuous system and process decisions and improvements to support the needs of Berkeley's students, instructors, and staff.

Aided by your feedback, today’s release takes the project one step further toward our long-term goal of integrating Berkeley’s multiple student information systems to enhance the student, instructors, and staff experience.

Here are some examples of new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral functionality:

Students (and Delegates)

My Academics - Academic Summary

  • The new Academic Summary page allows students to print their enrollment history and profile information from CalCentral. Students can link to the Academic. Summary page via a button on the My Academics dashboard.


Official Transcripts Update

  • Berkeley Law staff with SIS access can now create and print Official Transcripts for Law students in SIS Campus Solutions. Official Transcripts for all other departments will be available in December.


Student Overview (Advisor) - Advising Notes Enhancements

  • At the end of August 2016, we released Advising Notes and, based on your input, quickly removed it to make critical enhancements to improve the overall experience for advisors. Advising Notes is now available again, with enhancements.

 Dashboard (Advisor) - Advising Resources Card

  • Milestones: Advisors can now create, assign, view, update, and track progress of non-course related student departmental and Graduate Division milestones.  
  • Transfer Credit Summary: Advisors will be able to obtain summary data on student Transfer Credit information on the Student Overview page.
  • Newly Modified Transfer Credit Report: Advisors can now review detailed transfer credit data as part of this newly modified report. Important: Students will not have access to this data, or the report, until early December.

 Student Overview (Advisor) - Personal Summary Card

  • Academic Progress Report (APR): Advisors can now generate a student’s APR, which tracks degree completion, and What-If APRs, which explore different course and area of study choice scenarios.
  • Important Information for Graduate Advisors: The new APR is currently only available to advisors. Students will have access to the APR in early 2017. Please help us improve the APR to better meet your needs by emailing Judy Smithson with your feedback. Visit the 7.2 Release webpage for additional information.
  • Milestones: Advisors can now create, assign, view, update, and track progress of non-course related student departmental and Graduate Division milestones. For training materials, visit

 Student Overview (Advisor) - Undergraduate Degree Progress

  • The Degree Progress card displays the University requirements and the student’s completion of those requirements (e.g., Entry-Level Writing, American History, etc.).

 Student Overview (Advisor) - Transfer Credit Summary

  • Advisors can obtain summary data on student Transfer Credit information on the Student Overview page.

Visit the SIS 7.2 Release webpage for more information.

Questions and Support

UC Berkeley's transition to the new SIS is an iterative process. Some features are initially released with only some of the functionality that will exist in the final version. The SIS team then continues to build and improve each feature based on rollout plans and user feedback from students, staff, and instructors.

Please clear your browser cache before logging in to SIS Campus Solutions by following these instructions:

Please visit the SIS Known Issues to review the status of current known technical issues. If you experience a technical issue that is not listed, please contact SIS Help Desk Support to report the issue:

Please email if you have any training questions.

Visit the SIS weblinks below for additional resources.

We are grateful for your partnership as we continue on the path toward creating an integrated student information system that is supportive of our community. Thank you for your patience and collaboration.


Student Information Systems Team