SIS Phase 2

SIS Phase 2

Investing in system improvements and service enhancements to better meet the needs of the campus community

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Supporting the Academic Experience

Student Information Systems is launching a "Phase 2" project to complete critically needed system and feature enhancements that will improve the utility of UC Berkeley's implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. The SIS Phase 2 project includes all crucial student information: admissions, financial aid, registration, enrollment, course management, advising, billing and payments, records, and more.

The Phase 2 project team includes leadership from the highest levels of our campus community: The Executive Steering Committee (ESC) provides counsel and direction for Student Information Systems’ scope, structure, and budget. The Committee provides oversight and also serves as the ultimate decision-making body.

At the end of the Phase 2 project, our entire campus community will enjoy the benefits of a more reliable, secure, fully-integrated student information system that will set up UC Berkeley for a brighter future for our students and our university.

I'm excited about the new functionality and service improvements envisioned in SIS Phase 2. Once completed, students, faculty, and staff will be able to better leverage Campus Solutions and CalCentral in support of their academic experience here at Berkeley.
Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor for Administration

The Build up to Phase 2 Kickoff

At the end of the initial Student Information Systems (SIS) Project implementation in Summer 2017, campus users and the SIS team identified a number of unmet needs and service enhancements that would add value to our campus partners and the larger campus community. This list includes new tools, system improvements, service enhancements, and training that will help improve the student experience. With that goal in mind:

  • ESC and Campus Leaders identified a list of top priorities for Phase 2 development based on the needs of campus, and funding was approved in August 2018 for 2-3 years.

  • Beginning in August 2018, the SIS leadership team began recruitment and project start-up planning to support Phase 2 work efforts.

  • Phase 2 project managers joined SIS in October and formally kicked off the Phase 2 project with partners in November to determine milestones, timing, critical success factors, and sequencing dependencies.

  • SIS is performing rolling planning of work efforts, starting with work to be delivered through March 2019, and expanding the schedule definition iteratively to extend through the project duration.

The Road to Phase 2

SIS Roadmap