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This quick guide will walk instructors through the process of submitting final grades, importing from a spreadsheet, and saving in the proper format.

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  1. In CalCentral, select My Academics on the top menu bar. 
  2. Click the Course Grades link for your class.

    The Course Grades link brings you to the Grade Roster page. NOTES: Always remember to save before leaving a page. Use the “Return to…” and menu bar links to view various pages. Do not use the “Back” button on your browser.

On the Grade Roster page, you will have options for assigning grades. 

  1. Choose the Grade Roster Type.
  2. The Grading Status will indicate whether you are in the grading entry period
  3. The Save button allows you to save your entries without submitting them.
  4. Click Save And Approve when you are ready to post grades to students. Grades post to students at midnight after you approve them.
  5. The Export Grades As CSV downloads the roster into a spreadsheet.
  6. You can also upload grades from a spreadsheet using the Import Grades As CSV button. (See page 3-4 for important details on the CSV format.)
  7. Click the Select All link to add the same grade for all students or click individual checkboxes to add a grade for selected students.
  8. Use the Add This Grade To Selected Students button to select a grade to apply to students you have checked.
    You can also use the drop lists in the Roster Grade column to select individual grades.

Importing Grades from a Spreadsheet

If you want to enter grades via a spreadsheet, you can click Export Grades As CSV. This produces a sheet, in the proper .csv format, with all the SIDs and student names already populated in the correct columns.

In this example of an exported .csv, you’ll see that Columns A, B and D (SID, Name and Grading Basis), are pre-populated from the export. You will need to enter grades into Column C and can add comments in Column E.

NOTES: In order for your import to work, the columns must be in this order and format. Only columns A, C and E will upload. You do not need to delete data in other columns.

How to “Save As…” the Proper .csv Format

Be sure to choose “Save As …” and give the file a name and location you will remember.

Once you’ve saved grades in a spreadsheet (.csv), you can then import them: 

  1. Click the Import Grades As CSV button.
  2. Click Choose File to select your saved .csv file.
  3. Click Open to select your file.
  4. Click Upload to import your .csv file.
  5. Click OK to continue.
  6. Click OK to acknowledge the import status. 

Don’t forget to hit Save! It is a great idea to do this often.

If you have any non-passing grades, you’ll be prompted to enter a reason.

Select a NonPassing Reason from the drop list.

NOTES: Selecting a Non-Passing Reason applies whether you use a spreadsheet or enter grades individually.

If you choose “Stopped Attending,” you’ll be prompted to enter the Date of Last Attendance.

Finally, click the Save And Approve button to post grades. Grades will be posted at midnight of that same day.

NOTE: Your CalCentral page will update within 15 minutes of your approval.

Only Instructors of Record (Teaching-in-charge) can approve grades. If you need to have someone other than the instructor approve grades, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Technical Support

For technical assistance with CalCentral, please contact SIS Support by phone at 510-664-9000 (press option 6 to reach SIS support) or by email at sends e-mail).

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