Advising Appointments

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This job aid covers four tasks related to Advising Appointments:

  1. Sync your bCalendar
  2. Set up your contact information and appointment slots, which are times you are available for advising
  3. View the appointments students have with you
  4. Book an appointment on behalf of a student

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Syncing Your bCalendar

1. Go to your bCalendar settings
2. Click “Share with specific people
3. Allow email to "Make changes to events"
4.Click Save 

Your Appointment Settings: From My Appointments click Settings

1. Navigate to Advising Appointments in CalCentralCalCentral > Advising Resources > My Appointments
2. Choose from No-One, Only Staff, or Staff and Students. This limits who can make appointments with you on behalf of the student. 
3. Contact Settings: Fill out your appointment address (where students will go for in-person appointments) and your appointment phone number (the number used for phone appointments).
4. Appointment Types: You can choose one or more appointment types from the available appointment types (In Person, Phone, Skype or GoogleHangout). To add a new type click Add Type. From the dropdown arrow, select the type. Each option will come prepopulated with Additional Information. You can customize this information.  For example, you could specify that you will call the student for phone appointments rather than having the student call you.
To make a type unavailable to students, click Delete Type.

5. Building Appointment Blocks: The default view for your current schedule is of weeks with custom block date ranges. Custom blocks allow you to change your availability for specific date ranges. Creating a custom block overrides your weekly recurring schedule. Begin by building your recurring schedule.
6. Select View weekly recurring schedule.
7. To add a time block, scroll down to Time Blocks and click Add a New Block. Blocks can indicate that you are Open (can meet) or Closed (cannot meet). 8. Input your Start Time and End Time for the advising block.
9. You can check Same day appointments only if you would like to allow students to make appointments the day of.
You can specify that you only want to see your assigned students by clicking My assigned students 
Select the days of the week that this block.
If you only want to see students for specific reasons during this block, click the Allowed Reasons for this Block (Leave empty for All) drop-list arrow, and select a reason for the appointment slot(s). You can also add or delete reasons here.
The Student Groups for this Block function will allow you to specify whether you would like to see a specific group (e.g., seniors).

If you do not add a date range to your block, this block will automatically reoccur each week. To add a custom block that will override your recurring schedule simply add a new block and then select a date range for that block.
When you click View weeks with custom block date range you can scroll through the weeks that deviate from your recurring schedule.

Viewing Appointments

If you click Return to My Appointments you will be taken to My Appointments. All future appointments are listed here.

1. Bulk Cancel Appointments: You can cancel multiple appointments at once using this feature. 
2. Under Today’s Appointments you can:

  • Check a student in
  • Mark a student as No Show
  • Cancel an appointment - Email will be sent to the student notifying them of the cancellation.

3. Future Appointments: View all upcoming appointments. Click Select to see appointment details.

Bulk Cancel Appointments

1. Click the Bulk Cancel Appointments.
2Under Select Appointment, change the slider to Yes for all appointments you wish to cancel. You have the option to customize the message students receive when being notified of the cancellation. If you do not input your own message, an automatic message is generated.
3.  Click Cancel Appointments when you have finished selecting the appointments you wish to cancel.
4. Click Return to My Appointments

Book an Appointment on Behalf of a Student

1. Navigate to your appointments and click Create New Appointment.
2. Enter the student’s Student ID to find the student. Make sure that the information that appears matches the student you are searching for. 
3. Select a reason for the appointment.
4. Select the duration and method (can be In Person, Skype, Phone or Google Hangout).
Once you have entered the necessary information, your available appointments will appear. Click the drop down arrow and select the time you would like to make the appointment. If no appointments appear you can check other days by clicking Next Days.
5. Click Select Time.
Finally, add a note for the student in the required Additional Information slot. This information should explain why you are creating the appointment for the student and will be added to the appointment note.
6. Click BookIt!



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