Transfer Credit Articulation

This FAQ instructs advisors on Transfer Credit Articulation prior to Fall 2015

Transfer course work completed prior to Fall 2015 will not be articulated according to rules in Courses completed prior to Fall 2015 will be articulated to a generic lower division or upper division course. No course to requirement or course to course articulation will be completed for these courses. This will cause the Academic Progress Report (APR) to not automatically pick up these courses as fulfilling requirements

L & S Advisors who are reviewing a student’s APR and find that there are requirements not being met that should be met using transfer course work completed prior to Fall 2015 will need to process an exception. 

Advisors are only able to make exceptions for areas in which they are approved. For example, only College Advisors are able to make exceptions to College requirements.

Click here for the training guide for How to Enter APR Exceptions

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