Transfer Credit Report for Students

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This guide instructs staff on accessing a transfer credit report, viewing the status of transfer courses, and test credit. 

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Transfer Credit Reports

  1. Sign into CalCentral with your CalNet ID.
  2. In CalCentral, go to My Academics, look for the Transfer Credit card and click the Transfer Credit Report link. NOTE: If you do not have any transfer or test units posted, then the Transfer Credit card will not appear.
  3. The first section shows a Summary of External Units, including units transferred from other institutions and from tests passed
  4. The next section displays the Details of External Units for both course and test units. In this new Transfer Credit Model, the left side of the grid shows incoming coursework and the right side shows the course transferability or articulation (if applicable). NOTE: In the Term Taken column, semesters are represented by codes.
    Key for understanding term codes: Term codes consist of: “2” + last 2 digits of year + semester code Spring = 2, Summer = 5, Fall = 8 Examples: Fall 2016 = 2168 Spring 2017 = 2172 Summer 2017 = 2175
  5. Click on the Additional Info tab to see the Grp #, Transfer Status, Requirement Designation and Repeat Code for each course.
  6. Additional navigation options: You can click the show all columns icon to view all columns on one screen. Click the icon again to collapse the columns into the two original tabs. If desired, click the download icon at the upper right to download this table to Excel.

Status of Transfer Courses

Transferable Course

The 3 units for the COMM 20 course from another institution does not articulate to a UC Berkeley course, but the units have been accepted to transfer for lower division credit.

Articulated Course (1:1)

Here, the ANTHR 2 course completed at another institution articulates to ANTHRO 2 at UCB.

Articulated course (multiples)

In this case, two courses, ECON 1 and ECON 2, articulate to one UCB course, ECON 1. The student receives the total units for both courses taken at the other institution. This example is one of a few possible variations. The Grp # will indicate the course relationships.

Not Transferable

When a course does not transfer or the student received an unacceptable grade, the Course and Course Title columns will be blank and the Transfer Status will show as “Rejected.”

Converted Transfer Credit Models (prior to Fall 2016)

Students who were admitted prior to fall 2016 have transfer credit data that have been converted from the legacy system, DB2. For a majority of these students, the data conversion brings over two types of transfer credit models from DB2:

  1. TC summary model: Only shows the lump-sum units transferred with no courselevel detail. The incoming course is always “TRANSFER CREDIT SUMMARY”
  2. TC detail model: Shows course-level detail. All new students, from fall 2016 onward, will have Transfer Credit detail models since their transfer credits are processed in Campus Solutions.

Test Credit

This student has transferable units from tests as well as an external institution.

Further down this page, under Details of External Units, the details for Test Credit units are displayed. A Repeat Code will display if a duplication or maximum credit limit appears within the Test Credit section. 

NOTE: Only credit-bearing tests (AP, IB, and A LEVEL) will be shown on the TC Report. For other test results (SAT I/II, ACT, etc.), advisors can view the Test Results query in the Reporting Center.

Technical Support

For technical assistance with CalCentral, please contact SIS Support by phone at 510-664-9000 (press option 6 to reach SIS support) or by email at sends e-mail).

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