Uploading a Spreadsheet in CalCentral

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This quick guide will walk instructors through the process of submitting final grades and uploading a spreadsheet into CalCentral, including prompts and dealing with errors.

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Follow these instructions to upload your own spreadsheet of final grades.

Use columns, A, C, and E

  • A = SID
  • C = Grade
  • E = comments (optional)

It is OK to have text in the other columns. CalCentral will disregard it.

Save as

Mac: Scroll down to “Windows Comma Separated (.csv)”

Windows: .csv

The good news: If you download directly from CalCentral (available after December 12), the spreadsheet is already formatted correctly.

The bad news: If the default language on your computer is not English, you may need to change it to see the correct format.


Go to CalCentral.berkeley.edu/academics


The system will prompt you to select one of three reasons for non-passing grades (Academic Reasons, Stopped Attending, or Never Attended Class).


If you resolve upload errors, they continue to display at the top of the page We are working on fixing this so they will disappear once resolved.

And always remember . . .  Work with your scheduler in advanceto delegate permission to upload final grades Grades post to students at midnight after you approve them.

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