View a Student's Account in Campus Solutions

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This job aid instructs staff members on the process to view a student's account in Campus Solutions

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There are some important points to bear in mind as you view a student’s account in Campus Solutions.

  • A student’s record is only viewable once a charge or credit exists on it.
  • Tuition and fees is only calculated under two conditions:
    • tuition is ready to be calculated (after the UC Regents have met and approved the new fee amounts)
    • the student has enrolled in at least 1 unit
  • All new students enrolled after Fall 2016 have a 10-digit student identification number that will start with 303#######. Sometimes this student identification number will be referred to in Campus Solutions as “EmpID”.
  • All continuing or readmitted students who attended UC Berkeley prior to Fall 2016, will retain in Campus Solutions their legacy 8-digit student identification number.
  • In CARS, due dates always fell on the 15th of a month. Due dates in Campus Solutions are dynamic and could fall on any day of the month.

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Student Financials > View Customer Accounts
  2. In the Search Criteria, make sure that Business Unit is “UCB01”.
  3. Enter a student’s identification number in the ID field.
  4. Select Search.
  5. You will be directed to the Customer Accounts page. The Customer Accounts page will display the total amount due on the account.To view the details that make up the account, select the Account Details link.
  6. The Account Details page will display the various charges and credits on the student’s account.
    To see all items, select View All, or select the Show Previous Rows/Show More Rows buttons.
  7. Select the Item Details link.
  8. The Item Details page show details of a specific item, including when the item was assessed to the account, when it is due, and what payments have been applied to it.
  9. Alternatively, from the Customer Accounts page, the user can select on any of the six links under Additional Information, to navigate to various views of the data.
  10. The Due Charges and Payment Plans links are commonly used to display items by their due date or fee payment plan high-level details.
  11. The Due Charges page shows two views: By Due Date and By Item.
  12. On the Payment Plans page—linked from the Customer Accounts page— if a student is enrolled in a fee payment plan, this page will show high-level details about the plan. The Payment Plans page defaults to show details on the Plan Description tab.
  13. You may select the Plan Detail tab, or select the icon to expand the page to show all fields on both tabs, in one view. 

    NOTE:  Observe that the Payment Plans page has two tabs, Plan Description and Plan Detail.

  14. Select the Home link in the Navigation Bar across the top of the window, to continue working elsewhere in Campus Solutions, or select the Sign out link to end your Campus Solutions session.

NOTE: To completely exit Campus Solutions, exit your browser, as well, at the end of a browser work session. Do not leave your open browser unattended.


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