Waitlist Information

Class waitlist data is available in the My Academics section of CalCentral. 

Schedule of Classes

A new searchable Schedule of Classes for spring 2017 is available to the public at schedule.berkeley.edu(link is external). Click on the Search Schedule of Classes(link is external) link to search for classes.

SIS Help

SIS users can contact SIS Production Support in three ways:

  1. E-mail:  
  2. Call: 
    510-664-9000 (then select 6 from the menu)
  3. Submit a ticket: 

(Note: CalNet ID required to submit a ticket)   


We appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or comments about the SIS project or this website, please email sis-project@berkeley.edu.

Grading card

As the release of CalCentral functionality nears completion, UC Berkeley instructors (including faculty, lecturers, GSIs, and other instructor titles) will now have new tools to manage key aspects of their classes. This integrated and centralized system will allow instructors to access all of their class information, roster, and grading needs in one place.

Deadlines for Submitting Fall 2016 Final Grades

  • Dec. 12     Grading rosters are available in CalCentral
  • Dec. 21     Grades Due: 5 days after the end of term
  • Jan. 6         Final Grade Submission Deadline*
    *Financial aid, honors, probation, and graduation clearance may be adversely affected for students whose grades are still missing grades after Jan. 6.

Highlights for Instructors

In SIS Campus Solutions, faculty will be able to:

  • Get an overview of all sections for a given course through the Class Enrollment tab. It provides a quick way of finding which sections have open seats and how many seats are open.
  • View class rosters for spring 2017.
  • Faculty will continue to be able to view Class Rosters in bCourses.
  • Faculty Advisors will have the option to review students’ planned course schedule and related data
  • Instructors can now go to schedule.berkeley.edu (link is external) to Search the Schedule of Classes (link is external), or to view and print PDF versions of the spring 2017 Graduate (link is external) and Undergraduate (link is external) schedule of classes.
  • From their CalCentral My Academics tab, Instructors will be able to view a history of their previously taught classes.
  • From their CalCentral My Academics tab, instructors will be able to view their spring 2017 class schedule and class details, including rosters as students begin enrolling in their classes.  
  • bCourses is not changing and continues to be UC Berkeley’s preferred Learning Management System (LMS).


CalCentral offers a streamlined way for instructors to review class information, manage rosters, support enrollments, and submit final grading. The new SIS will provide near real-time updates to rosters and waitlists, and improved data for classes and program planning. Students will have one place to review and manage their academic, financial and administrative activities. Faculty Advisors will have additional advising and academic planning tools on CalCentral.

Faculty Involvement

  • SIS has been working closely with the Academic Senate chairs throughout 2016. An Academic Senate Advisory Committee to SIS (ASAC) was created in May 2016 to incorporate guidance and input from the faculty/instructor perspective. The committee meets bi-weekly with key SIS project team members.
    Currently the following faculty serve on the committee:
    Oliver O'Reilly, committee chair (Mechanical Engineering), Neil Tsutsui (Environmental Science, Policy & Mgmt), Phil Kaminsky (Industrial Engineering & Operations Research), Sam Mchombo (African American Studies), and Steve Justice (English).
  • ASAC has broadened faculty engagement in SIS by creating an additional pool of 25 faculty, the Faculty Input Group. In Fall 2016, members from that group have participated in two design-input sessions and one user-acceptance testing session.
  • Two faculty members have provided leadership on SIS project governance bodies: Bob Jacobsen (co-chairing the SIS Steering Council) and Fiona Doyle (Executive Steering Committee).
  • More than 30 instructors participated throughout 2016 in recent user experience design interviews to provide the instructor perspective.
  • A group of faculty participated in a recent New Chairs Seminar on SIS.
  • Individual Sessions: Schedule an individual session to share your insights and concerns in a 30-minute usability session at a campus location convenient to you. Contact Rachel Hollowgrass at rhollow@berkeley.edu (link sends e-mail) for more information.
  • Focus Groups: Participate in a focus group. Contact Bernadette Geuy at bernadetteg@berkeley.edu (link sends e-mail) for more information.

More Information


CalCentral - Instructors Features & Functionality

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Instructors Guide

SIS Project & CalCentral Overview

SIS Project & CalCentral Overview

CalCentral Quick Guide for Instructors

CalCentral For Instructors

Important Undergraduate Dates

Fall semester 2016 in CalCentral

  • May 16:
    Fall rosters and class information available  
  • August-September:
    Fall Add/drop enrollments  
  • October 10-14:
    Fall midpoint grades due  
  • December 12:
    Final grade window opens
  • December 21:
    Final grades due
  • January 6: 
    Final grade deadline

Navigating the Schedule of Classes

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Schedule of Classes Guide

Instructors' Timeline

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Faculty Timeline