Concurrent Enrollment Application

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This job aid describes process for approving or denying Concurrent Enrollment Applications in CalCentral.

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How to Process a Concurrent Enrollment Application

All student applications are simultaneously submitted to the instructor and designate reviewers at the department chair and/or dean level (as applicable). If the class also requires enrollment into secondary sections, please note that students are instructed to indicate their preferred secondary sections in their requests. Please deny any applicants for whom there is no space available in the class as quickly as possible so that these students can apply for other classes. If the application is denied at any level, the applicant will be automatically notified and should discontinue attendance in the class.

  1. Sign into CalCentral with your CalNet ID. 
  2. On your CalCentral dashboard, look for the Faculty Resources card and select the eForms Action Center link.
  3. Forms needing action will automatically display at the bottom of this page.
  4. (optional) Filters are also available to search for forms by Form Type, Form ID, Empl ID (SID), Student Name, or by Class Nbr.
  5. Select the Apply Filter to filter the Forms Needing Action section below.
    NOTES: The form summary includes the student’s information and primary class request. Enrollment numbers including the current class enrollment, total enrollment capacity and waitlist total (Enroll/Cap/WL:) are all live numbers at the time you log in (see step 6 to refresh the page). The Approval Status is now included on each form. Currently, the form is routed to all three “Approvers” at the same time. Approver 1* is the faculty or instructor as listed for the class. Approver 2 is the Departmental Approver/Chair. Approver 3 is the school’s Dean.
    * Approver 1, 2 & 3 will change soon to read as: Instructor, Chair & Dean.
  6. To refresh the page, select the Refresh button in the Actions section on the form page. Do not use your browser’s back button.
  7. In addition to selecting to apply filters, there is a free format text box to add Your Comment to all applications you approve or deny within the same action.
  8. You can choose to Select All forms, choose the Form Action of “Approved” or “Denied” and click the Submit All button. Any text you enter in the Your Comments field will apply to all forms.
  9. Rather than taking action on all forms at once, you can choose to approve or deny each one individually at the right of each individual form submission. Click the Selected checkbox, select the Form Action and click the Submit button.
  10. Click the More Info button on the right of each form to display additional information.
  11. The More Info button brings you to the GT Action Center Detail page. This page will again display enrollment numbers for the primary class section, as well as for any associated secondary class sections.
  12. Click the Return button to return to the main forms page.


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