SIS Job Aids

View and Enter Milestones

Milestones are non-course requirements a student must complete toward degree progress to graduate.

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Block (Batch) Enrollment

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This job aid instructs staff members on the process of block enrollment, commonly thought of as a batch process.

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Best Practices for using Block Enrollment are the following:

Swap Sections for a Student

This guide is for staff. Enrollment Managers can Swap enrollment (primary) and/or non-enrollment (secondary) sections in Campus Solutions on behalf of students (who can also perform swap actions using CalCentral).

Change a Student’s Grading Basis

This job aid describes the process for changing a student's grading basis.


Drop Student

This guide is for staff. It describes how to drop a student’s class(es).

Time Conflict Override

This job aid shows staff how to override time conflict enforcement for a class section and allow students to enroll in multiple sections during the same scheduled class meeting time.


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Combined Sections Enrollment Bug

This guide is intended for staff. Campus Solutions has a bug that sometimes causes enrollment failures in combined classes.This guide describes two possible solutions.

Set up Combined Sections

This job aid is for class schedulers (staff).

Academic Progress Report (APR) View

This guide is for students and staff. It describes how to view an Academic Progress Report for undergraduate students in the College of Letters & Science (L&S), College of Engineering, and College of Environmental Design.

View Class Rosters and Waitlists

This job aid is for staff and describes how to view a class roster or waitlist in Campus Solutions.