GT eForm SIM degree and EGT change

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This job aid instructs staff how to add an approver before approving the eForm.  This is a temporary fix until an automated solution is implemented.

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  1. Navigate to: Main Menu>GT eForms Work Center.
  2. Select Add Academic Program/Plan Form under Student section.
  3. Enter the Student ID under Student Information or use the magnifying glass to search.
  4. Press Tab; student’s information will populate.
  5. Select Change from the Action menu.
  6. Select Exp Grad Term from the Request Type menu.
  7. Select the new Expected Grad Term from the drop down list in the Change Career Program Info box.
  8. Select Submit.
  9. Form routes to the Home College advisors.
  10. Login to Cal Central to find the student’s second college advisor by navigating to the Advising Card on the Student Overview page.
  11. Select the green “plus” box to add the advisor of the other college.
  12. Search for the Approver or Reviewer by selecting the magnifying glass.
  13. Select the User ID of the Approver and then Insert.  The Inserted Approver is added next to the Home College  Advisor.
  14. Select Save Routing Changes button.
  15. After the Home college advisor approves the form, it will be routed to the other college advisor that has been added.
  16. Once the other college advisor approves/denies the form an email notification will be sent to the home college advisor.

    Note: You can also perform this process from Evaluate a Student eForm and Update a Student eForm.

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