Export Class Roster for Instructors

This job aid describes how instructors can access and download a class roster.

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  1.  Log in to CalCentral using your CalNet ID and passphrase. Navigate to My Academics > Teaching and select the appropriate class.
  2. Select Roster from the class dashboard.
  3. Choose the appropriate Class Section from the drop down menu to view only students enrolled in that section. Select Export to download an CSV file of the currently displayed roster.
  4. The export will be a CSV file, which can be opened in Excel.

Notes on the CSV file:

  1. Each class component will appear in a separate column. 

  2. Technical note: While leading zeros are present on the class components, Excel does not automatically display them.

  3. If the class is cross-listed, a new column will appear that shows which class the student enrolled in.


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