SIS Job Aids

Update Class Sections

This job aid shows how to search for and update class sections.

Edit Class Sections

This guide is for staff. It describes the basic steps to edit existing class sections.

Enrollment Overrides

This job aid defines and explains to staff members the overrides available on the Enrollment Request page.
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View Administrative Transcript

The job aid instructs staff members on the process for viewing a student's administrative transcript.

Academic Plan Change eForm: Graduate Students

This guide is for graduate students and describes the process used to add, drop or change a graduate academic plan, sub-plan or designated emphasis.

Cancel Class

This job aid is used by class schedulers and details the process for canceling a class section prior to or after enrollment.

CA Enrollment Acknowledgment

AB 2248 requires students affirmatively acknowledge that Cal Grant is a 4-year program and that students should take an average of 30 units per year, including summer, to graduate in 4 years (2 years for transfer students). This guide shows how students see and take action to complete the requirement in CalCentral. It also shows staff what it looks like in Campus Solutions. This requirement must be completed each Fall and Spring semester in order to enroll in classes.

Late Enrollment with Fee Waiver

This job aid describes the process used by enrollment managers to waive a late fee for late enroll, drop, and swap actions.

Enroll Student

This guide is for staff. It describes how to enroll students in classes, often referred to as “adding”.

Change a Student's Variable Unit

This job aid instructs staff how to change a student's variable unit in SIS Campus Solutions