SIS Job Aids

Change Student Waitlist Position

This job aid is for staff and describes how to use the Enrollment Request page to adjust a student’s waitlist position.

Qualifying Exam Report eForm

This guide is for staff. It describes how to use the Qualifying Exam Report eForm for doctoral students. This is primarily used by GSAO’s.

Batch Major Declare

This guide is for staff. It describes how to declare majors for a batch of students in one process.

Transfer Credit Report

This job aid is intended for both staff and students. It describes how to access and read the transfer credit report.

Advising Appointments

This job aid is for Academic Advisors and describes 4 tasks associated with Advising Appointments: syncing your bCalendar, setting up your contact information and appointment slots (your available advising times), viewing appointments students have with you, and booking an appointment on behalf of a student.

Study Agreements

This job aid for staff and is used to place Study Agreements on a student record so that tuition may be calculated correctly. Study agreement codes are commonly used to represent study abroad, exchange, and visiting programs.

CalCentral Profile Changes

This job aid is for students and describes how to edit personal information including names, contacts, addresses, and add your social security number to your student profile in CalCentral.

Financial Aid Awards card in CalCentral

This guide shows students and staff the new changes in the CalCentral Awards card.

CalCentral My Finances Transactions Card

This job aid/directory is for staff and students to understand the functionality on the My Finances Transaction card.

Evaluate Interdepartmental eForm

This guide is intended for staff. It describes how to view and approve interdepartmental eForms. This eForm is available to non-Law graduate students who are requesting Law School classes.