SIS Job Aids

Class Requisites

Class Requisites may be assigned to a class to restrict both enrollment and wait listing and apply to the entire class. Only one class requisite per class may be used. (If more restrictions are needed the reserve capacity process must be used.) Best practice is to configure the class prior to the release of the Schedule of Classes each semester.

Grad Re-Enrollment eForm

This guide describes how to complete a re-enrollment form for graduate students. Students that have completed one degree and beginning another are not considered re-enrollments. This is intended for GSAO’s.

Print CA Acknowledgement

The CA Enrollment  Acknowledgement in Campus Solutions is produced by a BI Publisher Report. This job aid demonstrates how to set up a Run Control for the purpose of generating and printing a BI Publisher report.

Updating Institution for Exceptions

This job aid describes details how to update settings in Campus Solutions to ensure that APR exceptions functionality will work properly.

Grad Exceptions eForms

This guide describes how to use the eForm to submit exceptions for graduate students. This is primarily used by GSAO’s.

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Juris Award and Prosser Prize eForm

This guide is for staff. It describes how to submit an eForm to nominate a student for the Juris Award and/or Prosser Prize. This is exclusively for the Law School.

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Emergency Loans

This guide is for students who want to apply for an Emergency Loan.

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Add New Class Sections

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This job aid explains the basic steps required to add new class sections. For a detailed description of every field on the pages referenced in this document, see the “Scheduling and Maintaining Classes” reference guide at

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