Enrollment Managers

Committee Members Degree Term

Members of a committee by the term a degree was conferred with filtering via plan and/or sub-plan. Data Types: Committee Members by Plan and completed degree term.

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Concurrent Enroll by Degree Progress

Concurrent enrollment eForm applications, filtered by term and college, for those students who have a CPP in addition to the UCBX CPP for the same term. Data Types: Concurrent students who have a UCB CPP stack, prompted by term, college.

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Schedule of Classes Mtg Pattern

General reporting on Schedule of Classes data for user-entered term and other optional prompts. Includes meeting pattern, facility ID, and instructor data. Limited set of core data elements.

Data Types:

Rows: One row per class, per meeting pattern, per instructor, for specified term, filtered by optional user-entered prompts. Columns: Core Schedule of Classes data elements, including meeting patterns and instructors Required Prompts: Term


Student UID Lookup By Student ID

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