January 2018 Release

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December 2017 Release

December 10, 2017

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The admissions process for faculty,...

October 2017 Release

October 8, 2017

Students L&S Undergraduate Students Academic Progress Report (APR) The Academic Progress Report (APR) tool is designed to track progress in completing degree requirements. This tool is in its initial stages of release. Beginning October 8, College of Letters & Science undergraduate students can use this tool to confirm progress toward completing University, UC Berkeley Campus, and College of Letters & Science requirements. Visit the L&S website...

September 2017 Release

September 7, 2017

September 2017 Release


Statement of Legal Residence Improvements Technical and interface updates to improve user experience when submitting or updating Statement of Legal Residence. Academic Summary Degree and Term honors will now be displayed to students via the My Academics > Academic Summary card. Degree Progress & Committees My Academics > Degree Progress card displays a graduate student’s current progress toward their degree. This release includes...

Release 8.1

April 30, 2017

Release 8.1 Advisors/Staff System of Record (SOR)

CalCentral sourced data solely from SIS Campus Solutions.

This update would correct minor data anomalies that may have occurred for some students during the system transition. (Previously, data was sourced from both BearFacts and SIS Campus Solutions.) Enrollment data back to Spring 2010 would be displayed in the Semesters card. If enrollments exist in terms prior to Spring 2010, the data would be displayed in Summer 2017. The Archived...

Release 9

June 4, 2017

Release 9 Advisors/Staff Batch Transcript Access Curricular advisors can now access administrative transcripts in batch via CalCentral. Staff can access via SIS Campus Solutions. For a job aid and navigation on the batch transcript process, visit CA Residency by Plan...

Release 8

March 26, 2017

Release 8 Advisors Degree Progress The Degree Progress card has been enhanced to include: The most-recent refresh date for university requirements in the Academic Progress Report; The ability to generate a student’s Academic Progress Report directly from the Degree Progress card; An indication of when a University Requirement was in progress.

Navigation: My Dashboard > Student Overview > Degree Progress card

Midpoint Deficient...

Release 7.5

February 18, 2017

Release 7.5 Students Summer (Undergrad and Grad) Enrollments and enrollment appointments for Summer Sessions were available in the Enrollment card on the My Academics tab in CalCentral. Summer Sessions’ classes descriptions were displayed next to each class on the Semesters card, also located on the My Academics tab. Unit fees (tuition) for each session were due May 19 and if a cancellation for the term occurs, a $100 Term Cancellation fee would be applied...

Release 7.4

January 8, 2017

Release 7.4 Staff Reporting Center - eForms Search Query Report

Beginning on February 12, a new query would be added to the Reporting Center.

This SIS Campus Solutions eForms search report would make it easier for staff to view the status of their and their students’ eForms (e.g., Academic Plan, Enrollment, Withdrawal, etc.).

To access the report, staff should go to the Query Viewer in CalCentral and run the...

Release 6.0d

August 26, 2016

Release 6.0d Students Financial Disbursements:

Financial aid awards, including scholarships, fellowships, and departmental awards would be disbursed beginning August 15 to eligible undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and were viewable to students in CalCentral.

eForm for Emergency Loans: On August 17, the Emergency Loan eForm application would be available to...