Release 7.2

November 7, 2016

Release 7.2 Students My Academics - Academic Summary The new Academic Summary page allowed students to print their enrollment history and profile information from CalCentral. Students can link to the Academic Summary page via a button on the My Academics dashboard. Advisors Student Overview (Advisor) - Advising Notes enhancements At the end of August 2016, we released Advising Notes...

Release 7.3

December 5, 2016

Release 7.3 Students My Academics - Transfer Credit card and Transfer Credit Report

Students could view their Transfer Credit summary data and can access their Transfer Credit Report on the My Academics page.

My Academics - Academic Records card - Request Transcript

All undergraduate and graduate students (including Law) could access links to request official transcripts and enrollment...

Release 7.1

October 17, 2016

Release 7.1 Students MyFinances for continuing students

Any unpaid CARS balances has been transferred from the “Prior to Fall 2016 Billing Summary” card to the “Fall 2016 Billing Summary” card. Continuing students and their delegates could submit online payments to pay your Fall 2016 account by clicking the "Make Payment for Fall 2016" button.

The Billing Summary cards would be displayed in a different order. The “Fall 2016...

Go-Live 7

September 20, 2016

Go-Live 7 Students bConnected

bConnected Connection is Disabled:

The CalCentral class calendar connection with bConnected has been disabled until further notice.* (This includes calendar updates.) As a result:

Students who already downloaded the bCal calendar would retain their existing entries, but those entries would no longer be automatically updated....

Go-Live 6

August 1, 2016

Go-Live 6 STUDENTS Students and their delegates**

Beginning mid-August scholarships, financial aid and institutional awards would be disbursed to eligible graduate and undergraduate students (including law). Students could monitor student account balance in CalCentral.

Beginning mid-August, refunds (funds paid to students by the university) would be released to students with over-payments on the student’s account....

Release 5.4b

May 16, 2016

Release 5.4b Staff New Multi-Year Planner Tool Preview for Advisors

Limited Advisor Preview Access

The Multi-Year Planner was only available to SIS users with Advisor Role access. Advisors could become familiar with the new tool now, ahead of the September launch to students.

Mid-September 2016 Release to Students

We launched the Multi-Year Planner to students in mid-September. We planned to rollout a limited version of this tool to students...

Release 5.4

May 15, 2016

Release 5.4 Students New Enrollment Card Labels Based on student feedback, we renamed the Enrollment Card labels to better reflect the actual tools students can access at each step of the enrollment process. Additional Delegated Access Functionality Students could remove Delegated Access they previously granted to an individual. Individuals with Delegated Access could view Academic Dates and Deadlines. Additional Status, Blocks, and Holds...

Release 5.2

April 17, 2016 Release 5.2 Staff Advisors and Enrollment Managers would have access to a set of student enrollment reports that feature both summary and detailed views of students’ enrollment activity in the new SIS. Phase I enrollment appointments start April 18 in CalCentral.* When a student attempted to enroll in two classes that have conflicting time schedules, they will be prompted to submit a request form to override the time conflict restriction. Time Conflict Enforcement (TCE) enrollment overrides will be processed internally by the SIS support...

Go-Live 5

March 20, 2016

Go-Live 5 Students In CalCentral, students could: Schedule and view Advisor Appointments Give “Delegated Access” to selected parents, guardians, and others (Each student could select unique access for delegated individuals to pay for their bills, view their grades, etc.) (available since April 14, 2016) Pay enrollment fees and other expenses using a credit card View and edit Residency information Receive Freshman Undergraduate Admissions decision information...

Go-Live 4

February 2, 2016

Go-Live 4 Students Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) for fall 2016 admitted undergraduate students Centralized onboarding checklists and messages for fall 2016 admitted undergraduate students Staff Capability for Undergraduate Admissions to admit fall 2016 freshmen through SIS Undergraduate Financial Aid and Scholarships functionality for the 2016-17 award cycle Financial Aid Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) and packaging reports; Graduate Student SIR report...