Go-Live 3

December 15, 2015

Go-Live 3 Updated SIS functionality available December 15 in CalCentral: Updated student profile information (name, address, email, and phone) Statement of Intent To Register (SIR) for graduate and professional students Centralized onboarding checklists and messages for graduate and professional students Online payment included three methods to pay SIR deposits ...

Go-Live 2

August 18, 2015

Go-Live 2 What's Included Admissions: Tool for application norming. Student Records: Course catalog data was converted to the new SIS. Student Records: Class scheduling moved to the new SIS. SIS Database: Creation of "Person Data" How People Are Impacted ...

Go-Live 1

June 2, 2015

Go-Live 1 "Outreach to Prospects" The SIS Project was pleased to announce the launch of its “Outreach to Prospects” module, an exciting new technology that combined several separate applications into one seamless tool. Prospective students could complete a student interest form and register for presentations from one convenient module. Staff would ultimately enjoy the streamlined ease of facilitating a student's progress through each stage of admission - from prospect to enrollment. ...

Release 5.6d

June 27, 2016

Release 5.6d Phase II Enrollment, Delegated Access, Swaps and Waitlists Important Fall 2016 enrollment information could be viewed by reviewing the enrollment guide(link is external) and checking out the information info below. Swaps and Waitlists CalCentral included new ways to view and manage waitlists as well as a “swap” function that allowed you to drop one class and...

Release 5.6

June 26, 2016

Release 5.6 STUDENTS (AND DELEGATES) My Finances Financial Aid and Scholarships There was no new Financial Aid and Scholarships functionality with this release. However, undergraduate students could act on their official 2016-17 Financial Aid packages in CalCentral. As a result, undergraduate students could: Accept loans Convert loans to Work Study awards and vice versa. My Finances Billing Summary and Financial Resources The Billing Summary section displayed...

Release 5.5

June 5, 2016

Release 5.5 STAFF Cal Answers now sources data from SIS Cal Answers was the analytical tool that provided access to...

Release 5.3

May 1, 2016

Release 5.3

The SIS 5.3 Release included behind-the-scenes system updates that did not directly impact students, instructors, or staff.

Release 5.1

April 3, 2016

Release 5.1

Release 5.1 contained class and course APIs, as well as other behind-the-scenes upgrades.