Emergency Loans

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Emergency loans are intended to help with short-term, unanticipated expenses related to the cost of education. These loans are interest free and must be paid back 60 days after the loan is approved.  There is a $20 Administrative Fee for each Loan (for Spring 2019 the $20 fee will be waived). When filling out the loan application you cannot save, so be prepared to fill out the entire form in one session

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Log on to CalCentral and navigate to the MyFinances tab.

In the Financial Assistance section, click on Apply for an Emergency Loan.

The first page has information about the types of emergency loans.

  1. Co-payable Loan - Set amount of $1,420 to help you register. The money will go directly to your account.
  2. Living Expense Loan - This will not go to your account. You can choose the following payments: Pay with a check which you will claim at Cal Student Central or have the payment be deposited via EFT (electronic fund transfer) which will take a few days to post to your personal account.

When filling out the eForm, you may not have both loan options available. Once you have registered, the Co-Payable Loan will no longer be available.

NOTE: An eFormID# is listed in the top right corner of the page. You might want to write this down as a reference.

Read this information carefully before proceeding.

The NEXT STEPS section tells you if you are eligible. If not, it will tell you why (e.g. took out too much money already, have a Block on your record, etc.)  If you ARE eligible, it will confirm that and let you move forward by clicking the Next button.  

Make sure to click and review eligibility criteria as well as maximum loan amounts.

Fill out the eForm. All sections with an asterisk* are required. Make sure not to type too quickly or the form will not record the correct information.

Type of Loan: This student is already registered, and is therefore only eligible for a Living Expenses loan.

Loan Amount: The default for Co-Payable Loan is $1,420 and the default for Living Expenses is $100 ($100 is the minimum). You can change the amount for a Living Expense loan, but if you ask for over $1000, your application will required a review from a financial aid counselor.

Reason for Request: This is a pull down field. 

Explanation for Request: This is a free form response. You can give a brief explanation of why you are requesting the loan.

How will loan be paid back? Provide a method of repayment. If you select Other, a field will appear asking for the details of the repayment plan.

Currently Employed in the US? If you select YES for this section, you will be asked to provide your employer information below. In this example we selected YES. The Employment Information section would not appear if we selected NO

Provide a family member or sponsor.

NOTE: Your relative or sponsor must live in the U.S.

Preferred Payment Option:
Checks are printed on demand. As soon as you get to Cal Student Central, you will show your student ID, then your check is printed at that point.

If you choose to receive your loan via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) you should already have EFT set up. Check CalCentral > My Finances > Financial Resources > Electronic Funds Transfer / EFT to view and manage your accounts. This option may take at least 5 business days to process.

Once you have filled out all fields, click Next.

Terms and Conditions: There are some important things to note on this page.

Again, you can see the difference between Co-Payable loans and Living Expense loans along with the criteria for eligibility.

You can also see the maximum amount that you are able to request per semester for each type of loan:

·         $1,420 for Co-payable

·         $1000 for living expenses (without review)

NOTE: There is a $20 Administrative Fee for each Emergency Loan (for Spring 2019 the $20 fee will be waived).

Check the Accept Terms & Conditions box and then click Next.

Student Promissory Note: This page will show a summary of your loan including the Repayment Due Date. Read the Promissory Note carefully, and then enter your Student ID to agree to the Promissory Note.

NOTE: Ignore the Comments field.

Click Submit.

The top left corner will say Finalized.

This is the end of requesting the loan, and you can see a summary of the loan as well as a copy of the Promissory Note.

In this example, we applied for a Living Expenses loan.  If this had been a C0-Payable loan request:

·         The loan will apply directly to your bill (once approved).

·         You will get an email letting you know when the money posts to your account.

·         You can only get ONE Co-Payable loan per Term. You also cannot apply for a Co-Payable once you are officially registered. 

·         Co-Payable loans are NOT available for summer.

NOTE: Co-Payable loans only cover 20% of Resident fees.  If you are a non-resident, you may need to secure additional funding to meet the minimum amount due on the payment deadline.


If you wish to view the status of your loan login to CalCentral then go to “Dashboard” then “Manage your Forms” and then click on

View Submitted Forms.


Students who require assistance or have questions should contact Cal Student Central. 

·         Call 510-664-9181   or submit a ticket: http://studentcentral.berkeley.edu/open-case

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