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This job aid instructs staff on how to generate an Academic Progress Report for graduate students.

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PATH: CalCentral > Student Lookup > Student Overview > Advising Resources > Academic Progress Report

The Academic Progress Report is a useful tool for academic planning and monitoring the requirements a student has fulfilled and those that are not satisfied yet.

In this example, we will log into CalCentral, lookup a student and then select the Academic Progress Report link in the Advising Resources section. This is the most direct way to view this report. There is also an Academic Progress Report link on the front page of CalCentral (on the Advising Resources card), but it is not recommended to start there as there are a couple more steps.

  1. Login to CalCentral. Look up a student.
    On the Student Overview page, in the Advising Resources section, select Academic Progress Report.
  2. The Academic Progress Report appears. At the top are options to collapse all, expand all, or view report as pdf (to save this version of the report).
    As we review a student's courses, we will see a status symbol of either Taken or In Progress (courses for which the student is enrolled, but not yet completed).
    NOTE: The status of Planned is not used, as that is tied to additional functionality that UCB is not implementing.
  3. The Academic Progress Report consists of 3 main parts: Requirement GroupRequirement, and Courses.
    Requirements that are unfulfilled are expanded, while sections with satisfied requirements will default to collapsed. Courses that have satisfied or could be taken to satisfy a requirement are listed. A satisfied requirement will not show the details unless you select the green triangle to expand the section and see how the requirement was satisfied.
  4. You can select on a Course link to view information about the course.
  5. Course Detail displays. One returns to the student's Academic Progress Report. The other allows you to view class selections of the course.
  6. After selecting on the View Class Sections button, the information appears below. To see information for other semesters, select a term in the Terms Offered drop-down, then select the show sections button.
  7. We have selected to return to the Academic Progress Report.
  8. When you are done, you can select the Return to Student Overview link at the top of the page to return to CalCentral.


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