How to View Payments

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This job aid instructs staff members on the process of viewing payments.

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The View Payments component displays all payments, financial aid, waivers, deposits and write-offs posted to a Customer Account.  Additionally, there are tabs which show the how the payments were allocated and any reference numbers posted in the transaction.

  1. Navigate to the View Payments page.  Main Menu > Student Financials > Charges and Payments > View Payments. Search for the student whose payments need reviewing.

  2. On the Payment tab, the Payment ID, Reversal indicator, Date Posted, Item Type, Term, Item Amount and Item Balance are displayed. 

    The Item Type is a description of the transaction. If the Reversal indicator value is N, the payment has not been reversed. On the far left, is a Payment Allocation icon which if selected will open a new page with additional information.

  3. At the top of the new page are 3 links: Academic InformationStudent Accounts, and Anticipated Aid.

    The Academic Information link displays personal data about the student. 

    The Career Term Data group box shows academic data term by term. 

    The Student Accounts link goes to the account page from where the details can be viewed.  You can also see the Viewing Customer Accounts job aid for more information)

  4. To see Anticipated Aid Details, select the View Anticipated Aid link. Anticipated Aid is aid that has been awarded but not yet disburse
  5. The Payment Allocation icon is is available on all tab pages. Selecting the Payment Allocation icon for a transaction will show a Description of the charges paid by the credit item, as well as the Item Type Number that was used. 


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