SIR Deposit: Viewing if Paid or Not Paid

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This guide will provide staff with the steps to view if the SIR deposit in Campus Solutions has been paid or not. It’s important to note that the SIR deposit in Campus Solutions behaves as a credit on the student account. In other words, the SIR deposit is not a charge as it is in the old system, CARS.

The following steps show how to determine whether or not students have made their SIR deposit payment. The menu options displayed in this step-by-step guide may vary from yours depending on your security access and functions.

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How to View SIR Deposit in SIS Campus Solutions

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Campus Community > Student Services Ctr (Student).
  2. In the Student Services Center page, enter the applicant’s ID in the ID text box. Click Search.
    Note: You can also enter an applicant’s Last and First names, and then select the applicant from the Search Results list. If only one applicant meets the name criteria, Campus Solutions will immediately display that applicant’s record.
  3. The applicant’s record will appear in the Student Center page. Select the Finances tab.
  4. Under the Account Summary, we see that for this applicant, the SIR deposit has not yet been paid. The Deposit Due field displays an amount.
  5. If the deposit has been paid, the Account Total Balance will reflect a credit balance and the Deposit Due will be 0.00.
  6. Provided the applicant accepts the university’s admission offer and pays the SIR deposit, the sections within the red bounding box will not begin to be populated until July 2016, at the earliest.
  7. If you wish to check a different applicant’s SIR deposit, select the Return to Search button, type another applicant’s ID or name, then repeat Steps 2–5.
  8. If you are done checking SIR deposits, select Main Menu at the top to go to another page or Sign out.

Technical Support

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