Transfer Credit Articulation

This FAQ instructs advisors on Transfer Credit Articulation prior to Fall 2015

Transfer course work completed prior to Fall 2015 will not be articulated according to rules in Assist.org. Courses completed prior to Fall 2015 will be articulated to a generic lower division or upper division course. No course to requirement or course to course articulation will be completed for these courses. This will cause the Academic Progress Report (APR) to not automatically pick up these courses as fulfilling requirements

GSAO FAQs - Graduate Student Hiring

Graduate Student Hiring

Many thanks to our GSAOs who have attended one or more of our recent engagement activities: Graduate Student Hiring small group discussions, SIS design sessions, user acceptance testing, trainings, support sessions, and GSAO monthly meetings. Thank you for all of your continued feedback and suggestions!


Graduate Student Hiring

Updated February 22, 2017


How can I update a student’s advisor assignments?