UC Berkeley’s Student Information Systems (SIS) project will consolidate all crucial student information on admissions, enrollment, financial aid, billing and payment, advising, records, and more. When the SIS project is completed, you will access all of your key student information through a single point-of-entry: CalCentral(link is external)(link is external).

Important Spring 2017 Finances Information

Please visit the appropriate Finances webpage from the student menu to review important information about managing your finances for spring semester 2017 classes through CalCentral(link is external)(link is external)(link is external); including:

  • My Finances Financial Aid and Scholarships

    • Undergraduate students can now view their official 2016-17 Financial Aid packages in CalCentral. As a result, students can now: 1) accept loans and partial loans and 2) undergraduates can convert Work Study awards to loans and vice versa.

  • My Finances Billing Summary and Financial Resources

    • The Billing Summary card now displays Fall 2016 information
    • If students have paid their SIR deposit, a credit balance will display.

    • If no payments or charges have posted, a $0 balance will display.

    • Students can begin enrolling in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

    • Once fees have been assessed, eligible students can enroll in the Tuition and Fees Payment Plan (FPP). A participation fee applies. 

New in CalCentral

Transfer Credit card and Transfer Credit Report

  • Students can view their Transfer Credit summary data and can access their Transfer Credit Report on the My Academics page. 

Academic Records card - Request Transcript

  • All undergraduate and graduate students (including Law) can now access links to request official transcripts and enrollment verification via the Academic Records card on their My Academics page.

Class Enrollment card - Berkeley Academic Guide link

  • Students can now access the Berkeley Academic Guide via a new link in the Schedule of Classes section of their Class Enrollment card.

Important Spring 2017 
Enrollment Information

Please visit the appropriate Enrollment webpage from the student menu to review important information about enrolling for spring semester 2017 classes through CalCentral(link is external)(link is external); including:

  • Longer Appointment Windows
  • Enrollment Time Conflict process
  • Maximum Unit Caps
  • Course Level Restriction enforcement
  • Final Exam Schedule posting timing

Note on Partial Functionality

Berkeley's transition to the new SIS is phased, occurring across a series of go-lives. Some features are initially released with only some of the functions that will exist in the final version. The SIS team then continues to build and improve each feature based on rollout plans and user feedback from students, staff, and instructors.

Questions and Support

We understand how important it is to have a good system for enrolling in the best classes available to you, and we appreciate that you need to learn a new way to plan your schedule and to enroll in classes. As you dive deeper into spring semester 2017 enrollment, please email us right away at sishelp@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail) if you experience any technical issues or need assistance. We will do our best to quickly address any immediate technical problems and to continually improve your CalCentral experience over time.

As you become familiar with the new system, here are some tools to help you through this transition:


SIS Information

Watch the new SIS video or visit the project website to learn more about SIS.

Need help, have a problem?

Email: SISHelp@Berkeley.edu

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