How Graduate Students View an Academic Progress Report (APR)

This job aid instructs graduate students on how to View an Academic Progress Report (APR) in CalCentral.

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Generating an Academic Progress Report in CalCentral - GRADUATE STUDENTS

Graduate students can use the APR tool in CalCentral to confirm progress of their Graduate division and department requirements.

Please note: If you have questions about the APR requirements, or status of your degree progress, please see your department advisor immediately.

Checking the status of the Academic Progress Report

  1. Log in to CalCentral.
  2. Navigate to the My Academics tab, go to the Degree Progress in the middle column and select the Academic Progress Report link.

Understanding the page layout

  1. Note that the APR is organized in a hierarchy format - course requirements are categorized according to Graduate division and department requirements.
  2. When you get to the page, the default displays all Satisfied requirements as collapsed and all Not Satisfied requirements are expanded. You can choose from the options to Collapse All or Expand All tabs based on your preference. Click on View Report as PDF to save a pdf version of the current report.
  3. Be sure to understand the course status icons as they inform whether a course has been Taken or is In Progress.
  4. The Academic Objective and Academic Summary windows present information about degree, plans, sub-plan, cummulative GPA and others.
  5. Requirements are noted as Satisfied or Not Satisfied. A Satisfied requirement will not show the details unless your click on the gray triangle to expand the section and see how the requirement was satisfied. These reveal information about how the requirement was satisfied.
    NOTE: In some cases, the revealed information will display a generic note such as "Student satisfied requirement by way of exception from...". There is no need to be concerned that a particular course does not appear. These notes confirm that the requirement is Satisfied and completed.
    You can also choose to expand/collapse to see more/less details accordingly.
  6. Graduate Division Residency Requirement: this requirement shows all the courses the student took in that semester which counted toward the minimum units for Academic Residency.
  7. Under the requirements tabs, a table of course(s) information appears. They contain information about Course, Description, Units, Term taken, Grade and Status. Select the course link to view information about the course.
  8. Milestones are requirements that are filled by Grad Division or the Department Advisor when the student has met the requirement. Examples of a Department Milestone is a Lab Rotation: Dept Milestones.
    There are also a number of Grad division Milestones such as Qualifying Exam.

Reporting Errors in the APR

If there are any inaccuracies (missing information or miscalculation of units), please check in with your department or advisor immediately.

There are two different ways in which you might find inaccuracies when running your APR:

  1. The stated requirements are not correct. For example, a requirement might indicate that 4 courses are required for your degree, but it should show only two as required. Also, if your degree has multiple tracks or concentrations (called "sub-plans" in our new system) the requirements won't be accurate if your sub-plan is not accurately recorded. Your sub-plan should be displayed below your degree on your main CalCentral profile.
  2. The requirements that are listed are correct, but it is not correctly showing that I've satisfied one or more requirements. If you believe you've completed requirements that aren't showing as satisfied on the APR, please see your advisor. Note - all milestone-type requirements require manual entry (such as foreign language requirements) and may not yet be entered on your record.


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