Enrollment FAQ

To help students navigate enrollment through CalCentral, below are pages that describe the process and commonly used terms. Review step-by-step registration instructions in the Enrollment Center guide.


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How to plan for enrollment

Getting the classes and schedule you want requires planning. You need to know what courses you want and have a back up plan if you can’t get your first choice.

How to enroll

Enrollment occurs in CalCentral. You choose classes, add them to a shopping cart, and then enroll.

How waitlists work

A waitlist typically starts when a class is full, to prioritize enrollment when seats become available.

What to do when you're on a waitlist

Consider your options once you are waitlisted for a class.


Prerequisites are requirements for taking a class.


Permission numbers allow enrollment in some restricted classes.


Swap allows you to drop one class and add another.

Switching related sections

Switching related sections is possible for enrolled classes only.

Unit limits

The maximum number of units that a student can enroll in during an enrollment period.

Enrollment appointments and phases

Enrollment appointments and phases determine when a student is able to enroll, drop, swap, and update classes.

Reserved seats

Reserved seats are set aside for certain student populations. They may affect your ability to enroll or get enrolled from a waitlist.

Time conflict

Time conflicts occur when two classes are scheduled at the same time. This can prevent enrollment, including from a waitlist.

Enrollment Errors Messages

Explanations for common error messages.

Add/drop consent

Instructor or department consent is sometimes required to add or drop a class.

Add and drop

Adding and dropping classes to manage enrollment.