If a class requires consent, permission may be given out by the professor or department. Permission is usually provided in two ways: student-specific permission or permission numbers.

Student-Specific Permission 

Sometimes the department will add a student’s name to a virtual permission list, which allows the student to enroll. If the department or an advisor confirms that you have been given student-specific permission, you should be able to enroll as usual. However, if you are on the waitlist, you must first drop the waitlist, then proceed with enrolling as usual. If you still have trouble with enrolling, please contact the department. 

Permission Numbers

Other times, the department or professor may provide a permission number. If you have a permission number, begin regular enrollment for the class or click on the hyperlink for the class from your Shopping Cart. Then enter the number you were given in the Permission Nbr box and finish enrolling as usual. If you are waitlisted for the course, you will need to drop the waitlist before you can use your permission number. If you are unable to enroll with the permission number, please contact the department.


Enrollment by Permission

You may see “Enrollment by Permission” listed as a type of reserved seat. If you are unable to add the class, you should waitlist the class and contact the instructor or department to learn more about how to get permission to enroll.