Enrollment Errors Messages

You may encounter these common enrollment error messages when you are attempting to enroll in the class or are not enrolled from a waitlist. Although they are called “error” messages, they are simply the reason that you cannot be enrolled in the class.

1. Already enrolled

You are already enrolled in another section of this course and multiple enrollments are not allowed. Please check your schedule. If you wish to change classes, you must first drop the other section or use a swap. If it is your only class, you must enroll in another class, as you can not drop your last class.

2. Class unavailable

Class currently unavailable for enrollment. Contact the department offering the class for details and next steps.

3. Class full

There are currently no seats available in the class. Please see what to do when you’re on a waitlist

4. Enrollment hold

You have a hold on your record, which is preventing enrollment. Please see CalCentral’s My Academics, then check Status and Holds for more information. 

5. Permission required

Permission is required to take this class. Please see permission for details and next steps.

6. Requirement not met

You do not meet a requirement for this class. Please check the class description for a list of requirements or contact the department offering the class for further details.

7. Reserved seats

Available seats are reserved and you do not meet any requirements for the reserved seats. 

You will remain on the waitlist until a seat for which you qualify opens. Please see reserved seats for details.

8. Time conflict

There is a time conflict with another class you are enrolled in. Please see time conflict for details.

9. Unit limit

Enrollment in this class would cause you to exceed your maximum units. Please see unit limit for details. 

10. No valid appointment

You do not have a valid enrollment appointment at this time. You cannot add, drop, or change your class options. Please see enrollment appointments and phases for details.