Add and drop

Students manage their schedules by adding and dropping classes. In general, it is your responsibility to manage your enrollment through CalCentral.

Add Class

You can add classes during the enrollment period. Your enrollment period begins with your personal enrollment appointment. See Enrollment Appointments and Phases

For details on using CalCentral to add a class, please see How to Enroll

Drop Class

You can drop classes any time during your enrollment period and through the fourth week of instruction. For details and exceptions, please see the Office of Registrar. Once enrolled in classes, you cannot drop below 0.5 units without permission. Contact your advisor for details.

To drop a course, go to CalCentral > My Academics > Class Enrollment > Class Adjustment.

Swap: Drop and Add Simultaneously

The swap feature allows you to drop one class and replace it with another in one transaction. For details, see Swap