Swap allows you to drop one class and add another simultaneously. The change could be immediate or, if you are waitlisted in one class, it can occur when you move off the waitlist. 

Swaps can only be done between primary sections (like lectures or seminars) that you are enrolled in. They cannot be used to switch related sections (like discussions or labs). See Switching related sections for more information.

Swap works in two basic ways: Immediate Swap or Delayed Swap.These two scenarios are described below.

Scenario 1: Immediate Swap

You may be enrolled in Math 16B, then decide you want to switch to Astron C10. If Astron C10 has open seats that you are eligible for, swap will drop Math 16B and add Astron C10 at the same time. 

Scenario 2: Delayed Swap

If Astron C10 does not have open seats, you can set up a swap to drop Math 16B if you get enrolled in Astron C10 from the waitlist. When you request the swap, you will stay enrolled in Math 16B until you are enrolled in Astron C10. If you never move off the waitlist for Astron C10, the swap will never occur and you remain in Math 16B. Once a delayed swap has occurred, you will receive an email regarding the change, which includes information about both classes. 

If you find that you are enrolled in both classes, the department may have by-passed the swap. At that point, you may choose to stay enrolled or drop either class.

Changes to Swaps

Once a swap is requested, it cannot be easily cancelled. There are three scenarios for changes you may wish to make to a delayed swap once it has been requested.

Cancel Swap

The only way to fully cancel a delayed swap request is to drop the waitlisted class and re-add back onto the waitlist. Yes, your waitlist position will be lower, but it is the only way to fully cancel the swap request.

For example, you have set up a waitlist swap between Chem 3A (enrolled) and Math 10A (waitlisted). To cancel the swap, drop Math 10A. Then, waitlist again for Math 10A. You will remain enrolled in Chem 3A which will no longer be dropped if you get enrolled in Math 10A. 

Stay in Enrolled Class, Drop Waitlist

If you no longer want to take the class for which you are waitlisted, drop from the waitlist. The swap will not be processed, and you will remain in the other class. In the example from above, drop Math 10A, and you will remain in Chem 3A. 

Stay on Waitlist, Drop Enrolled Class

If you no longer want to take the class for which you are enrolled, drop the class. You will remain on the waitlist for the other class and may be enrolled as seats become available. If you change your mind and decide to re-enroll in the dropped class, THE SWAP REQUEST WILL STILL BE ACTIVE. The only way to cancel the swap request is to drop the waitlisted class as explained above. 

Using the example of Math 10A (waitlisted) and Chem 3A (enrolled) above, if you want to stay on the waitlist for Math 10A and no longer take Chem 3A, drop Chem 3A. But, if you re-add Chem 3A, the swap request will still be active and you will be dropped from Chem 3A if you are enrolled in Math 10A. 

Unit Limits

You cannot use swap if it would cause you to go over the unit limit for the enrollment phase. For example, if your Phase 1 limit is 13.5 units and you are enrolled in 10 units and waitlisted for 3 units, then you can not swap from a 2-unit class to a 4-unit class. See Unit Limits for details.