How to plan for enrollment

Getting the classes and schedule you want requires planning. You need to know what courses you want and have a back up plan if you can’t get your first choice. Here are some tips.

Research and choose courses

Use the tools in CalCentral > My Academics > Class Enrollment to research courses and plan your schedule. The Berkeley Guide Class Schedule gives detailed information about individual courses, including prerequisites and reserve caps. Schedule Planner lets you select classes to see all possible schedules.

Law students should refer to Berkeley Law Registration for guidance on enrolling.

Understand Terminology

Especially if you’re new to UC Berkeley, it’s important to understand a few key concepts and terminology related to enrollment.

Course Levels

Lower division courses, prerequisites for majors and other courses, are given numbers under 100. Upper division courses, more advanced with some enrollment restrictions or prerequisites, are in the 100 range. Graduate courses, typically limited to graduate students, are in the 200 range.

Related Sections

Many courses have two or more related sections. For example, you may have a large lecture with a professor on Monday and Wednesday and a smaller discussion section on Friday with a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI). Common sections include lecture, discussion, lab, studio, and seminar. If a course has more than one type of section, you will need to select both during enrollment. Also see Switching related sections

Do I qualify for a class?

There are several types of restrictions that may keep you out of a class. The most common are prerequisites, reserved seats, and consent. You can find which restrictions are placed on a class by looking it up in Berkeley Guide Class Schedule

Where can I find the most accurate enrollment numbers?

CalCentral updates in real time. The Berkeley Guide Class Schedule and Schedule Planner update in near-real time (at most a 2 minute delay).

Additional Tools