Switching related sections

Related sections are additional required class meetings, such as discussion sections. You can change your enrollment in these sections once you are enrolled in the class. They cannot be switched if you are waitlisted for the class. Switching related sections is different than a Swap

Currently Enrolled Class

If you are enrolled in a class with more than one related section, you may change sections without being dropped or waitlisted from the class, as long as there is space in the new related section.

You cannot switch into a section that is waitlisted. If you try to do so, you will be unenrolled and moved to the waitlist for the entire class

Go to CalCentral > My Academics > Class Enrollment > Class Adjustment and select “Options”.

Currently Waitlisted Class

If you are currently on the waitlist for a class, you cannot switch related sections. Since you are not enrolled, you will not be able to select the class from the Options component.