Reserved seats

Many classes set aside seats for specific groups of students, such as freshman, departmental majors, or transfer students. If you are not part of that student population, you will not be able to take one of those seats even if there are open spots in the class. However, you can still join the waitlist.

Reserved seats may stay reserved for the entire semester, or they might eventually open up. If they open up, you could be enrolled from the waitlist.

Finding Reserved Seat Information

To see if a class has reserved seats, look up the class details in Berkeley Guide Class Schedule. Under Current Enrollment, there will be details on which reserved seats are still open. However, if the seat has been taken, it will not show up. For example, if a class has 20 seats reserved for freshman and 13 freshman have enrolled, the Open Reserved Seats will say, “7 seats reserved for freshman”. Additionally, under Reserved Seats, you will find details about when those seats might open up to everyone.

Reserved Seats and Waitlists

If you feel “stuck” on a waitlist, it may be due to reserved seats that you don’t qualify for. It is important to be patient, you can check the class details to see if the reserved seats are already set to open up at a specific time, but reserved seat settings and seat availability can change at any time. See What to Do When You’re On a Waitlist for more information.