How to enroll

Enrollment occurs in CalCentral. You choose classes, add them to a shopping cart, and then enroll. The shopping cart allows you to select classes before your enrollment appointment time so that you are ready to enroll when it is time. See How to Plan for Enrollment for additional suggestions.

There are two ways to get classes into your shopping cart: Schedule Planner and directly through CalCentral.

Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a tool that helps you build a schedule that works for you. You can schedule breaks, select courses you want to take, and automatically see what schedule options are available for you. This method is a good option if you have a set schedule (like a job or practice) you need to work around or if you need to take a class with lots of related sections to choose from. Once you’ve determined the schedule that you want, you can send your class selections to the shopping cart where you will complete enrollment.

Find Schedule Planner at CalCentral > My Academics > Class Enrollment > Schedule Planner.


You can access the enrollment functionality directly through CalCentral. There, you can add classes one-by-one to your shopping cart. This method is a good option if you know exactly which classes you want to take and there are very few meeting time options. Go to CalCentral > My Academics > Class Enrollment > Class Enrollment.

Common Questions

Undergraduates Enrolling in Graduate Classes

Undergraduates cannot enroll without instructor approval. Contact the instructor for information about their policies.

“Validate” Button in Shopping Cart

The validate button in your shopping cart checks to see whether there are any time conflicts in your schedule. It may also tell you if you do not meet a prerequisite for the class. If there are time conflicts or you do not meet a prerequisite, you may not be able to enroll. See Time Conflict for exceptions.

No Enrollment Card in CalCentral

If your CalCentral > My Academics page does not have a section for enrollment, there are a few possible reasons:

  • You are expected to graduate this semester. If you want to delay your graduation date, contact your advisor.
  • You have been given an extension to attend one more semester. Even with extension approval, sometimes students do not see the enrollment card. Contact your advisor.
  • You have a hold on your record preventing enrollment. For more information on a hold, see CalCentral > My Academics > Status and Holds.
  • You are graduating this semester but expect to continue enrollment as a graduate student. In this case, enrollment does not begin until July/early August.

If you have any questions, contact your advisor. If your advisor is unable to resolve the situation, please email SIS Help for technical help.

Unable to Enroll

There are a few reasons the system may not allow you to enroll:

  • Time Conflict
  • Prerequisites
  • Unit Limits
  • Hold on record preventing enrollment
  • Class is full. If available, you may Select “Waitlist if class is full” on Step 1 of Enrollment if you want to waitlist for a full class.

If none of these are true, please email SIS Help for technical help.