Unit limits

Maximum Units

During each phase of enrollment, there is a maximum number of units for which students can enroll. Waitlisted classes are included in these limits. These are hard limits enforced by the system and cannot be exceeded.

Undergraduate Students

Phase 1 13.5
Phase 2 17.5
Adjustment Period Varies by college

Graduate Students

Phase 1 12
Phase 2 20.5
Adjustment Period 20.5

Unit Limits & Swaps

Occasionally, you may find that you have exceeded your maximum units. This is related to how the system sets up some swaps. If this happens, you will not be able to add any classes until you are under the unit limit. There are two ways you might go under the unit limit: 

  1. You can drop a class.

  2. If it is a limit in Phase 1 or 2, you may wait until your limit increases in the next phase. 

The system will not kick you out of a class for being over the unit limit. You simply will not be able to take any enrollment actions except dropping a class until you are under the limit.