Calculate Tuition for a Student

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This job aid instructs staff members on the process of manually calculating tuition.

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Campus Solutions will calculate tuition automatically when the proper conditions are met. However, there may be instances when a staff member with proper security will need to calculate tuition manually. The steps below demonstrate how to manually calculate tuition for a student.

Important Information:

A student’s account is only viewable once a charge or credit exists on it.

Tuition and fees will only be calculated under two conditions:

  • Tuition is ready to be calculated (after the UC Regents have met and approved the new fee amounts).
  • Student has enrolled in at least 1 unit.
  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to:  Student Financials > Tuition and Fees > Tuition Calculation.
  2. Input the student ID number.
  3. Select the Search button. The Tuition Calculation page will display. Confirm that the correct Term to calculate tuition for is displayed. 
  4. Select the Calculate Tuition and Fees button. After clicking the Calculate Tuition and Fees button, the Tuition Calc Date Time field should now be date- and time-stamped. 
  5. Select the Display Tuition and Fees link to view fees assessed.
  6. The Tuition and Fees window will display the fees assessed for this student
  7. Select  Return.
  8. From the Tuition Calculation page, Select Display Student’s Accounts link to view the fees that were actually assessed to the student’s account.
  9. Select the Account Details link to see detailed view of fees assessed to the account
  10. The Account Details page will display the Item Type, Term, Item Number, Amount and Balance of the newly assessed fees. Alternatively, you may navigate to View Customer Accounts to see similar details. Refer to the job aid entitled “Viewing a Student’s Account in Campus Solutions"
  11. Select the Home link in the Navigation Bar across the top of the window, to continue working elsewhere in Campus Solutions, or Select the Sign out link to end your Campus Solutions session.

NOTE: To completely exit Campus Solutions, exit your browser, as well, at the end of a browser work session. Do not leave your open browser unattended


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