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Waitlist Information

Class waitlist data is available in the My Academics section of CalCentral. 

Schedule of Classes

A new searchable Schedule of Classes is available to the public at is external). Click on the Search Schedule of Classes(link is external) link to search for classes.

SIS Help

SIS users can contact SIS Production Support by emailing

As part of her SIS User Experience Design work Molly Mahar, class of 2017 UC Berkeley Masters of Information Management and Systems graduate, demonstrates new CalCentral mobile device functionality for students to ASAC faculty. 

UC Berkeley instructors (including faculty, lecturers, GSIs, and other instructor titles) are able to manage key aspects of their classes through CalCentral.

CalCentral offers a streamlined way for instructors to review class information, manage rosters, support enrollments, and submit final grading. This system provides near real-time updates to rosters and waitlists, and improved data for classes and program planning.

For step-by-step instructions and training materials on how to perform tasks in CalCentral, please visit our Training webpage

For further information, please visit the Office of the Registrar faculty website