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This job aid is for staff members. It describes how to set up a Run Control ID for the purpose of printing an iteration of the Schedule of Classes and how to print a Schedule of Classes. The Run Control configuration is required to execute a print run. 

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  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Print Class Schedule.
  2. Create a Run Control ID by selecting the Add a New Value tab.
    NOTE:  To use an existing Run Control ID, use the Find an Existing Value tab (see Steps 18-20).
  3. Input a Run Control ID for the catalog printing and select the Add button.
    NOTE: Run Control IDs can be named using alpha characters, numeric characters and underscores only. 
    Suggested Run Control names: Name of process_ User’s name/initials e.g.: PrintSched_JAG or SchedClass_JG
  4. The Academic Institution field should already be populated with "UCB01”.
    If it is blank, type in “UCB01” or use the Lookup magnifying glass and select it.
  5. Using the Lookup magnifying glass, complete the information for Term, Academic Organization Node and Session.
    NOTE: Session is an optional field. If you leave it blank all sessions from the term will be printed.
  6. Select the Report Options tab on the top of the screen.
    Select the checkbox(es) to the left of desired Report Options and select Run.
    NOTE:  If you do not select “Report Only,” you will have to designate a file path to save your Run Control ID.
  7. Choose “PSUNX” from the Server Name drop-down list and click OK.
  8. After selecting OK, you will return to the Report Options tab. Select the Save button if you want to save your Run Control for future use.
  9. Select Process Monitor.
  10. The Refresh command button will refresh your list of the print run controls, showing you “Success” and “Posted” messages.
  11. Select the Details link for the most recent Run Control ID in the Process List (typically at the top of list).
  12. From the Process Detail page, select the View Log/Trace link.
  13. From the View Log/Trace page, find the File List, and select the link to the file with the .PDF extension.
  14. A new browser window opens, displaying the Schedule of Classes, as per your configurations. From that Adobe Acrobat .pdf view, you can print or save the output using the Acrobat toolbar. When done, close the report tab to exit.
  15. Back in the Campus Solutions browser window, select the Return button.
  16. In the Process Detail window, select the OK button.
  17. To save the Run Control ID of your Schedule of Classes, select the Save button.
  18. To Search for an Existing Schedule of Classes Run Control ID
    If you need to generate a report using existing Run Control ID, select the Print Class Schedule link in the Navigation Bar.
  19. Select the Search button, to search for all Run Control IDs.
  20. Locate the desired Run Control ID. Select it to open and run it, or to reconfigure and run it.


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