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This job aid is for staff.

Combining Sections allows you to schedule more than one section of different classes in the same room, at the same time. This is most often done for cross-listed courses, but also applies to other classes that share rooms. Once set up in Campus Solutions for each term, Fall, Spring, and Summer, the Combined Sections will then be copied over into each new like term (Fall to Fall; Spring to Spring).

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Before setting up combined sections, you must first check each section to be combined for some important information and to make sure that each section you are combining has blank Meeting Pattern and Instructors for Meeting Pattern fields. You will add that information in to one of the class sections, once the Combined Sections process is complete.

  1. Begin by checking each section: From the Main Menu, navigate to: Curriculum Management >Schedule of Classes >Maintain Schedule of Classes.
  2. Under Search Criteria, use the look up table or enter the Term, Subject Area, and Catalog Nbr of the first class you wish to combine sections for.
  3. Select Search. The Basic Data page for the class will appear next.
    NOTE: If a list of classes appears below the Search button, select the link for the intended class to get to the Basic Data page.
  4. For cross-listed sections, note the Course ID.
    For all sections to be combined, note the ClassNbr.
    TIP: Make a written record, take screenshots or use the New Window link to keep track of the Course ID and Class Nbr for later steps in this process.
  5. Select on the Meetings tab.
  6. Delete the Meeting Pattern section, by clicking the "plus" button. Data in the fields under Instructors For Meeting Pattern are automatically deleted with the Meeting Pattern.
    1. NOTE: Again, first make a written record or take a screenshot of all the data stored in the Meeting Pattern, including the Instructors For Meeting Pattern data. You may need this information to repopulate the Meeting Pattern data after combining.
  7. Select OK to confirm deleting the Meeting Pattern and select SAVE at the bottom of the page.
  8. Repeat Steps 2–7 for all classes to be combined.
    1. If you are cross-listing a course with multiple sections, repeat Steps 2–7 for each section.
  9. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Curriculum Management >Combined Sections >Combined Sections Table.
  10. Choose the Term and Session for your combined sections.
  11. Select Search.
  12. The Combined Sections Table will display already combined sections. Select the last "plus" button to add a new row for your combined section.
  13. Enter a Description and Short Description. (The View Combined Sections link to the right of the Short Description will appear after you save the record.)
    1. For cross-listed sections, the Short Description should be the Course ID, which you noted in Step #11.
    2. For all other combined sections, the Short Description should be a summarized version of the Description.
  14. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  15. Select the View Combined Sections link that appeared to the right of your Short Description after being saved.
  16. The Identify Combined Sections window opens.  Enter the Class Nbr of one of the classes to be combined.
  17. Press the Tab key to populate the fields to the right of the Class Nbr.
  18. Select the "plus" button on the right to add another row.
  19. Type the next Class Nbr in the Class Nbr field, and then press the Tab key, to populate the rest in the fields in that row. You can add as many sections as you need to combine.
  20. Enter the Requested Room Capacity, Enrollment Capacity, and Wait List Capacity.
    1. NOTE: Conventions for this process vary, but most add the Enrl Cap numbers for each class and set that total as the Enrollment Capacity.
  21. Set the Combination Type to the appropriate value. "Cross Subject” refers to classes in different subject areas. “Within Subject” refers to classes in the same departments, and “Both” refers to three or more combined classes that are both within and across subject areas.
  22. Select the Save button after adding all of the class sections to be combined.
  23. Finally, add the Meeting Pattern back into one of the combined sections. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule Class Meetings.

  24. Under Search Criteria, use the look up table or enter the Term, Subject Area, and Catalog Nbr of the first of the classes you just combined.
  25. Select Search.
    NOTE:  If a list of classes appears below the Search button, select the link for the section that you just combined.
  26. Add in the Meeting Pattern and Instructor information for the newly combined sections and select Save at the bottom of the page. The meeting information entered here will automatically be populated on the Meetings tab of the class section that this is combined with.


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