Set Up Non-15 Week Classes

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This job aid is for staff members. It is intended only for scheduling non-15 week classes (Fall or Spring) in department owned rooms. General Assignment (GA) classrooms cannot be requested for sections that do not last the full length of the term.

For Fall and Spring classes, only one session option is available with the instruction dates for the given term. This document describes how to edit a class section that will meet for only a portion of the full term.

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  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Curriculum Management >Schedule of Classes>Maintain Schedule of Classes.
  2. Under Search Criteria, use the look up table or enter the Term, Subject Area, and Catalog Nbr of the class you would like to edit.
  3. Click Search. The Basic Data page for the class will appear next.
    NOTE: If a list of classes appears below the Search button, click the link for the intended class to get to the Basic Data page.
  4. On the Basic Data page, if needed, use the arrows to navigate to the class section you wish to edit.
    NOTEOrder is important! Do not change the Start/End Date on this page yet. Follow the order of instructions listed below.
  5. Select the Meetings tab.
  6. GA classrooms cannot be requested if the section does not last the full length of the term.
    NOTE: If REQGA had previously been entered in the Facility ID field, replace it with a department owned room.
    If the specific department owned room is not yet known, remove REQGA and leave the Facility ID blank. 
  7. Change the Start/End Date to reflect the start and end dates of the class section.
  8. Now, return to the Basic Data tab and change the Start/End Date there.
    The Start/End Date fields will need to be edited for every section of the non-15 week class.


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