Set up SACR Defaults for Financial Aid

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This guide will instruct staff on setting a Student Administrative Contributable Relations (SACR) default for financial aid.

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When you log into Campus Solutions for the first time, you may want to set certain defaults, to avoid having to constantly enter certain variables that will always be the same (such as Financial Aid Year). Setting a Student Administrative Contributable Relations (SACR)-level default allows you to pre-populate certain fields with commonly used values. For example, Academic Institution has already been set up to default to UC Berkeley (UCB01), since that is the only option the campus will use.

How to Set Up SACR Defaults

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Set Up SACR > User Defaults.
  2. Select the User Defaults 2 tab.
  3. If you know the values, type them in, or use the Look up icon next to a field to see and select your choice.
  4. Enter the Aid Year (e.g. 2017).
  5. In the Campus field, enter BERK.
  6. In the Institution Set field, enter UCB01
  7. Select the User Defaults 4 tab.
  8. OPTIONAL: Decide whether you would like the system to carry over SID#s from page to page. Some people find this helpful, to avoid having to copy in the Student ID# on each page. Others prefer not to automatically carry a student over in case they work on the wrong person. This is your preference and can be changed anytime.
  9. Select the Save button when finished.

Technical Support

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