Job Aid - Advising

View Administrative Transcript

The job aid instructs staff members on the process for viewing a student's administrative transcript.

Change Student Course Load

This job aid is for staff/advisors. It describes the steps to changing a student’s minimum and maximum courseload units.

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Academic Plan Change eForm: Graduate Students

This guide is for graduate students and describes the process used to add, drop or change a graduate academic plan, sub-plan or designated emphasis.

Qualifying Exam Report eForm

This guide is for staff. It describes how to use the Qualifying Exam Report eForm for doctoral students. This is primarily used by GSAO’s.

Batch Major Declare

This guide is for staff. It describes how to declare majors for a batch of students in one process.

Advising Appointments

This job aid is for Academic Advisors and describes 4 tasks associated with Advising Appointments: syncing your bCalendar, setting up your contact information and appointment slots (your available advising times), viewing appointments students have with you, and booking an appointment on behalf of a student.

Updating Institution for Exceptions

This job aid describes details how to update settings in Campus Solutions to ensure that APR exceptions functionality will work properly.

Using an Incognito (Chrome) or Private (Firefox) browser window sign in to Campus Solutions at Open the Navigator Bar. Click Navigator. Click Set Up SACR. Click User Defaults. Delete any text in the Academic Institution field and click Save. Leave all other fields...

How Graduate Students View an Academic Progress Report (APR)

This job aid instructs graduate students on how to View an Academic Progress Report (APR) in CalCentral.

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Generating an Academic Progress Report in CalCentral - GRADUATE STUDENTS

Graduate students can use the APR tool in...

Create a Favorite Report in the Reporting Center

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This job aid describes the process for creating a "favorite" report in the Reporting Center.

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1. While still having a report open, click and drag through its formal name. Using Ctrl-C (Windows) or Cmd-C (Mac), copy the report name.
2. Close the report and return to Campus Solutions' Reporting Center by clicking the Close icon (x) in the...