Graduation Tracking for L&S Undergraduate Major Advisors

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This job aid explains the process for using the graduation tracking pages to approve students for graduation.

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Navigation: CAL Components > Reporting > Reporting Center

1. Navigate to Graduation Tracking for Advisors
Go to the Reporting Center. In the list of reports, AA Advising section, Graduation folder, click on the “Graduation TrackingforUMAs” report.
You can also run this report from Query Viewer by searching for and running the query UCCS_R_GTS_DETAIL_UMA.
2. Enter Search Criteria
Degree List Term is required. You should also enter either Department (for all plans in a department) or Plan (for a specific plan). If searching by Department, you can use the Include Majors and Include Minors checkboxes to limit the plan types returned. Other criteria are optional, to further narrow the results:
Advisor ID (for all students assigned to you).
Student ID (for a specific student).
Plan Note Status (for students with plans at a specific status).
All Non-Approved Statuses (check to return all statuses other than APPR).
Minimum GPA (to narrow the list for students meeting minimum GPAs; the default is 0.000).
When finished entering your criteria, click View Results. The results will appear at the bottom of the page.
3. Understanding the query results:
The query results show one row per student on the degree list, per plan being tracked, for the term and criteria you specified. If a student has more than one plan that meet the criteria you specified, there will be one row for each plan. The following data is shown about each student:

  • Expected Grad Term
  • Name (this is also a hyperlink that takes to the Graduation Tracking page for the student)
  • Email
  • CPP
  • Has pre-Fall ’09 enrollment (Yes/No – pre-fall ’09 enrollments may not reflect properly on the APR)
  • Readmit for Graduation Only (Yes/No – student is not enrolled for the graduation term but wants to receive their degree)
  • Cume earned units (includes all units earned including transfer and test credit)
  • In-Progress Units (includes current term in-progress units as well as incompletes from all terms)
  • Cume GPA
  • Current Academic Standing (probation, good standing, etc.)
  • Note Item (plan being tracked for graduation)
  • ItemDescription (plan being tracked for graduation)
  • Item Status (see following pages for explanation of status codes)
  • Item Note (any note text that has been entered for this item)
    The remaining columns on the report are administrative only and can be ignored.

4. Indicating Plan Status for a Student:Your task is to indicate a status for each student on your list, with respect to graduation requirements, for plans you are responsible for. This is done on the Graduation Tracking page for the student. To enter the Graduation Tracking page, click on the student’s name. Doing so opens a new tab in your browser with the Graduation Tracking page for the student, where you update the status of the plan(s) for which you are responsible. Note that the report listing all your searched students is still open on the previous browser tab.
This page has a lot of information, including enrollments and GPA information. The section where you need to take action is called Graduation Notes and is about halfway down the page (scroll until you see it).
In the Graduation Notes section, you will see boxes for notes which indicate each category of requirements a student needs to complete in order to graduate:

  • OR Final requirements
  • University requirements
  • College requirements
  • Plan requirements (both majors and minors).

If a student has more than one college, major, and/or minor, there will be a separate tracking item for each. If the student is earning simultaneous degrees from more than one college, the notation “SIM DEG” will appear with each note. These notes are system-generated and will always match the current state of the student’s CPP.
Find the tracking item for the plan you are responsible for. All a student’s plans will be at the bottom of the list.  In this example, we are checking out a student’s BA in English, so we will deal with the last item.
WARNING: Only update the data for tracking items you are responsible for.
For each tracking item, there are two fields in which you can enter data:

  • Status: This contains the status code for the item, which you will be updating.
  • Note: This contains free text with relevant information about the tracking item.

To indicate the student’s status with respect to graduation requirements, enter the appropriate status (or use the lookup icon) in the “Status” field:

  • REVW - In Review: Review is in progress. This is the initial status for all items.
  • APPR - Approved: All requirements for plan are complete and no in-progress courses are needed
  • PEND* - Pending: All requirements are completed, as long as current classes are passed. Before the final deadline you will need to check these student again and apply “APPR”, “DEFR” or “DISC.”
  • COND* - Conditional: Need to review further, including current semester’s activities, before approval.
  • INFO* - Information needed: More information is needed before a status can be finalized. This status is generally not used, and may be removed as a status option.
  • DEFR - Deferred: The student will not be able to complete the requirements to graduate this semester, but has been in communication with the major department and has a viable plan for completing all remaining requirements the next term. Note that assigning this status does not automatically update the student’s EGT to the next term. Please refer student to L&S College Advising to discuss EGT.
  • DISC – Discontinued: The student will not be able to complete the requirements to graduate this semester, and either does not have a viable plan to complete them in the next term or has not been in communication with the major department.  The student will be dropped from the degree list and de-activated.  In the future, a new EGT can be established and the student activated either through the regular readmission process or by being readmitted for graduation purposes only.

*Note: that these 3 “intermediate” statuses can be defined for your department in whatever way you determine is useful. They will eventually need to be updated to APPR, DEFER, or DISC. 

The remaining statuses are applied by system automation only – you should not apply them manually:
DROP – Dropped plan: Plan has been dropped from student’s CPP and will not be used to determine final approval for graduation. (Tracking item stays here for historical reference).
XAPP, XCON, XPEN: Approved, Conditional and Pending statuses applied automatically for some tracking items, based on APR results. Currently not being used for most Plan tracking items.
5. Writing notes:
You may keep free-form notes in the “Note” text box below the status code to record any useful information about status.  These notes are visible only to you and other staff who will be reviewing the student (on this page and on the Graduation Tracking for UMAs report). You can expand the box if you use Google Chrome, by dragging the lower right corner of the box.

Important rules about notes:

  • You will be able to edit any note on this page. Please only update those you are responsible for.
  • Do not delete notes!  Some notes may be marked with status DROP, which means the student dropped that program or plan from their CPP.  Leave them in place in case the student adds it again.
  • Sign your name or initials after your note, and add the date.

6. Maintaining Honors in Major on Graduation Tracking Page:
This task can be completed at any time during the graduation review process, but no later than the deadline to indicate final graduation status and honors in the major.
Honors in Major: 
As you determine who qualifies for Honors in Major, you can update the appropriate Major Plan Requirements note on the student’s Graduation Tracking page directly using the pull down. Indicate whether or not the student should receive “Honors,” “High Honors,” or “Highest Honors.”
Please do not update the honor (if any) on the College Requirements note (highlighted in orange below).  This value is maintained by college-level advisors and is reserved for Distinction honors in the degree.
7. Be sure scroll to the very bottom of the page and click “Save” when you are finished.

  • Do not use the “Return to Search” button – this will take you to a search page you don’t need to use.
  • When you are finished making updates on the Tracking Page, just click “Save” and then close the browser tab.  Your list of students is still on the previous tab, and you can then pull up the page for the next student on the list.


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