Add Term-Specific Titles, Class Descriptions and Class Notes

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This job aid describes the process for adding term-specific titles, class descriptions and class notes. Campus Solutions has been configured to collect three important areas of class data in separate, specially designated class notes.

1. Special Title: A term-specific, class title used in most Special Topics, R&C, 97s, 98s, 99s, 197s, 198s, 199s, 298s, 299s, Freshmen & Sophomore Seminars, and other courses where the department would apply a Special Title that differs from the COCI-approved course title.

2. Class Description: A term-specific description applied in the same context as the Special Title. Class descriptions are historically published on the department websites. They provide more detail than the generic, COCI-approved course description, and provide insight into specific content that will be covered within individual sections.

3. Class Notes: Notes pertaining to course materials and/or special information or logistics that the department wants to import to students prior to enrollment

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Curriculum Management>Schedule of Classes>Maintain Schedule of Classes.
  2. Under Search Criteria, use the look up table or enter the Term, Subject Area, and Catalog Nbr of the class you would like to edit.
  3. Click Search.
    The Basic Data tab page for the class will appear next.
    Note: If a list of classes appears below the Search button, click the link for the intended class to get to the Basic Data page.
  4. Navigate to the Notes tab.
  5. If necessary, scroll through the Class Sections until you arrive at the correct section.
  6. Clicking “+” and “-“ boxes on far right allows you to add and delete sequence rows. Each note type requires two rows.
    One row already exists when you first use the Notes Tab. Thus, to enter only one of either Special Title, Class Descriptions or Class Notes, click “+” box one time. Because one row always exists, this should total to two rows.
    To enter a combination of Special Title, Class Description and Class Notes, add enough rows so that there are two per note type. (Either 2, 4 or 6 rows.)
  7. Click View All to expand sequences.
  8. Use the look up table to select the correct Note Nbr.
    0003 for Class Special Title
    0004 for Class Description
    0005 for Class Notes
    Alternatively, you can enter the Note Nbr directly into the field. Then, press tab on your keyboard; the text will populate in the upper text box.
  9. In the sequence that immediately follows, locate the lower text box.
    Enter the information.
  10. Repeat for additional notes you would like to enter.
    NOTE: New sequences always appear directly under the sequence from which you clicked the “+” box sign. If your sequence numbers appear out of order, renumber the sequences beginning with 1 for the first sequence.
  11. Click Save.


  • Do not add, delete or alter any Note Nbr 001 or Note Nbr 002 sequences.
  • The 30-Character “Free Format Topic” field in the Meetings Tab is no longer available and existing entries will be deleted. All special titles should be entered using the method outlined in this job aid.

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