Batch Access Administrative Transcripts

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This job aid instructs staff on how to batch access administrative transcripts.

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PATH: CalCentral Advising Dashboard > Advising Resources Card > Administrative Transcripts - Batch
PATH: Campus Solutions > Records and Enrollment > Transcripts > Batch Transcripts > Process Transcripts

This job aid covers the process for pulling the administrative transcripts for a group of students. We will go over the two methods of pulling batch transcripts: 1) Using a population to determine a group of students or 2) entering individual SIDs to collects a group of students.

  1. Navigate to CalCentral Advising Dashboard > Advising Resources Card and select Administrative Transcripts - Batch OR from Campus Solutions Main, navigate to Records and Enrollment > Transcripts > Batch Transcripts > Process Transcripts.
  2. If this is your first time accessing a batch of administrative transcripts, you will need to add a new type of report. Select the Add a New Value tab to add the new run control.
  3. Enter the desired information into the Run Control ID field. Enter a name that helps you remember the type of report that you are setting up, for example: "ALL_MAJORS_TRANSCRIPTS".
    Select Add.
  4. Set the Transcript type to UC Administrative Transcript.
  5. Set the Process Action to Request, Generate and Print.
  6. One option for selecting students (recommended) is to use Population Selection. Process shown below.
  7. The other option is picking a set list of students. To do this, select the Use Student Select checkbox, then enter the SID for each student under Empl ID on the left and select the Add a new row button for each additional student. Process shown below.

Option 1: Select a group of students using the Population Selection

  1. In the Selection Tool dropdown, select either External File or PS Query. In this example, we are using a PS Query. We will be asked to search for the Query Name using the lookup icon. You can use the Advanced Lookup to search by something other than codes.
  2. Select the query you would like to use to find your group of students.
  3. Use the descriptions as a guide. In this case, we will use Transcripts by CPP and Status by selecting the UC_TS_CPP_STATUS query. This query has the ability to limit the group of students by Term, Career, College, Major/Minor, Level, Terms of Attendance, Academic Standing, Expected Graduation Term, Academic Program Status, and/or GPA range. After selecting the query, select on the Edit Prompt link to fill in you criteria.
  4. After selecting the Query Name, select Run.

Option 2: Add SIDs to a student list using Student Select List

  1. Enter the individual SIDs under Empl ID.
  2. After selecting the group of students using either of the above options, select Run.
  3. Make sure the Format for Berkeley Batch Transcript is PDF. Use the dropdown to change it if it is not in that format.
  4. Then, select Berkeley Batch Transcripts and select OK.
  5. This brings you back to the Run control page. You will know that the process is running because the Process Instance is listed below the Run button. Look for the process instance number generation.
  6. You can use the Process Monitor link to monitor completion of process.
  7. Once the report has success posted; use the Go back to Process Transcripts link. Then, select Report Manager. Select the Administration tab.
  8. Select the SSR_TSRPT - SSR_TSRPT.pdf link to pull up the PDF of all the transcripts.
    NOTE: This will open in a new tab/window, so make sure that you do not have pop-up blockers on for Campus Solutions (CS).
  9. The PDF can be downloaded and printed.

WARNING: Administrative transcripts are provided for internal administrative usage only. Official transcripts and student usage must be provided by the Registrar's Office.


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