Access a Student’s External Documents in CalCentral

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This job aid instructs staff members on how to access documents for a student, such as transcripts from other schools in CalCentral.  This is done through “Perceptive Content” (formerly ImageNow) and works on all major browsers.

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Navigation: CalCentral > Student Lookup > Student Overview page > Advising Resources section > External Student Docs link

  1. Sign into CalCentral with your CalNet ID:
  2. Use Student Lookup a student to search for the student and go to the Student Overview page.
  3. On the Student Overview page, in the Advising Resources section (lower left corner), select the External Student Docs link.
  4. Perceptive Content opens as in a new window. 
    Note: You may be prompted to login a 2nd time.
  5. A list of that student’s documents will display.
  6. Select on any of the documents to view them.


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