Place and Release Service Indicators

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This job aid instructs staff members on how to add and remove Negative Service Indicators (also known as holds) in SIS Campus Solutions.

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Placing a service indicator

  1. From CalCentral My Dashboard, use Student Lookup to search for the student and go to the Student Overview Page
  2. In the student’s Personal Summary section, select the Service Indicators link under Advising Resources.
  3. You will see a summary of the student’s service indicators. Select Add Service Indicator (+)
  4. Next, select the Look Up icon next to Service Indicator Code.
    Select V00 to choose Academic Advising holds or input V00 and hit enter. 
  5. Next, select the Look Up icon for Service Ind Reason Code and select the desired code.
    NOTE: The codes that appear will depend on your security roles and functions. 
    In this example, we are placing the Excess Incompletes hold because the student has too many incompleted classes. The Service Ind Reason Code field will populate, as will other fields on the page.
    1. The Description field will be viewable by the student in CalCentral.
    2. The next step is to set an EffectivePeriod (start and end date or term).
    3. ContactID by default is blank. You can add a ContactID, but note that students will be able to see that ID and email address in their Holds section on their MyAcademics page in CalCentral.
    4. Add your information to the Placed by section. It will not be visible to the student.
    5. You may add Comments, if you like. These will not be viewable by the student.
  6. Select Apply
  7. Select OK

Releasing service indicators

  1. From within the Manage Service Indicators page, select on the Advisor Code
  2. Select Release and then select OK.
  3. This returns you to Manage Service Indicators.


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